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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List for Girls Who Want to Make the Most of the Season ...

By Holly

Life is always more fun when you have a few goals you're looking to complete. That's why Pop Sugar created the ultimate fall bucket list. It contains everything you could think of, from wearing dark nail polish to reading by the fire. Challenge yourself to see how many of these items you can cross off of your bucket list before the season ends:

Table of contents:

  1. Drink a pumpkin spice latte
  2. Watch the season premiers
  3. Snuggle by the fire
  4. Tailgate at a football game
  5. Ogle a guy in a peacoat
  6. Go apple picking
  7. Smell a cinnamon candle
  8. Buy some new school supplies
  9. Dress in layers and leggings
  10. Kiss in the rain
  11. Have a scary movie date
  12. Crunch leaves
  13. Scope out some movember man scruff
  14. Visit a street fair
  15. Bake pumpkin bread
  16. Sip apple cider
  17. Share scary stories by the bonfire
  18. Wear dark nail polish
  19. Splash in puddles
  20. Enjoy a homemade pie
  21. Drink mulled wine
  22. Break out the blankets
  23. Inhale the crisp fall air
  24. Take a foggy morning walk
  25. Stay warm in a cozy cardigan
  26. Stuff yourself at thanksgiving dinner
  27. Decorate your front door or stoop
  28. Get spooked at a haunted house
  29. Make a yummy crockpot stew
  30. Jump into a pile of leaves
  31. Read by the fire
  32. Toss back a pumpkin ale
  33. Make caramel apples
  34. Go on a hayride
  35. Host a chili cook off
  36. Have a backyard campfire
  37. Shop for new fall clothes
  38. Breathe in the scent of firewood

1 Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte

2 Watch the Season Premiers

3 Snuggle by the Fire

4 Tailgate at a Football Game

5 Ogle a Guy in a Peacoat

6 Go Apple Picking

7 Smell a Cinnamon Candle

8 Buy Some New School Supplies

9 Dress in Layers and Leggings

10 Kiss in the Rain

11 Have a Scary Movie Date

12 Crunch Leaves

13 Scope out Some Movember Man Scruff

14 Visit a Street Fair

15 Bake Pumpkin Bread

16 Sip Apple Cider

17 Share Scary Stories by the Bonfire

18 Wear Dark Nail Polish

19 Splash in Puddles

20 Enjoy a Homemade Pie

21 Drink Mulled Wine

22 Break out the Blankets

23 Inhale the Crisp Fall Air

24 Take a Foggy Morning Walk

25 Stay Warm in a Cozy Cardigan

26 Stuff Yourself at Thanksgiving Dinner

27 Decorate Your Front Door or Stoop

28 Get Spooked at a Haunted House

29 Make a Yummy Crockpot Stew

30 Jump into a Pile of Leaves

31 Read by the Fire

32 Toss Back a Pumpkin Ale

33 Make Caramel Apples

34 Go on a Hayride

35 Host a Chili Cook off

36 Have a Backyard Campfire

37 Shop for New Fall Clothes

38 Breathe in the Scent of Firewood

You can't complain about being bored anymore, because now you have plenty of fun ways to spend the season. How many of these things can you cross off of the bucket list already?

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