Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Cool Black Girls ...


Last Minute  Halloween Costumes for Cool Black Girls ...
Last Minute  Halloween Costumes for Cool Black Girls ...

If you're like me, your Halloween πŸŽƒ costume ends up being an after thought πŸ’¬ or something that you put together in an hour or two, despite having the best intentions. I always promise myself that I'll plan better next year, only to fall into the same habit over and over again.

As a black woman, shopping for costumes is a constant struggle for me, which is why it always ends up being last minute. It's really easy to think about a clever costume that you *know* you will totally kill, but being able to find one that actually compliments your gorgeous skin and incorporates your sexy hair πŸ’‡ without having to hide it is where things get tricky. That's why I made this promise to myself this year:

You WILL find a costume that completely slays (without your friends having to spend 30 minutes ⏰ trying to guess who you're supposed to be).

Here's how you can do the same!

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Member of the BeyHive

yellow, clothing, dress, fashion, toy, Okay ladies, now let's get in formation. This is your chance to show off your creative side. What's needed: A yellow and black dress πŸ‘— (like a bee🐝, get it?) plus βž• any BeyoncΓ© memorabilia.


Michonne from Walking 🚢 Dead πŸ’€

person, woman, photography, girl, lady, To my fellow Walking 🚢 Dead πŸ’€ fans, this one's for you! There is greater badass than Michonne, so why wouldn't you want to be her? The best part about this halloween costume πŸ‘» is that you probably own most of her outfit in your own closet. Now all you'll need is a plastic sword for extra brownie points.

Frequently asked questions

Some ideas include iconic black musicians, superhero characters, characters from popular films or TV shows, or simple DIY costumes using black clothing and creative accessories.

Yes, you can use clothes and accessories you have at home to put together a unique costume, like a DIY cat costume with black clothes and homemade ears.

You can look at social media, movies, TV shows, or think about your favorite historical figures or celebrities for costume inspiration.

Add personal touches or DIY elements, mix and match accessories, or create a clever twist on a classic costume idea to make it stand out.

Hats, sunglasses, wigs, face paint, and jewelry can transform an everyday look into a Halloween-ready costume.

It’s important to be respectful and avoid cultural appropriation. Always consider if your costume could be offensive and opt for costumes that celebrate rather than mock other cultures.

If you need makeup for your costume and it's last minute, try to use the cosmetics you already own creatively, or check out a local drugstore for affordable options.

You can add eerie accessories like fake spiders or vampire teeth to a stylish outfit to give it a spooky edge without losing the cool factor.

Absolutely, your hair can be a big part of your costume. Style it uniquely or incorporate it into the theme of your costume for a complete look.

Being on a budget is okay! Get creative with clothes and items you have at home, or swap costumes with a friend to create a new look without spending money.


Black Panther

hair, afro, face, black hair, hairstyle, Show off your pride with black leather and dark lipstick πŸ’„. If you're like me πŸ‘Œ and you're into all black everything all of the time, you're already halfway there.


The Wiz

hair, people, person, photography, hairstyle, Don't be afraid to go full out with your beat face πŸ’πŸΏ. You can even make it a group thing!


The Incredible Iron Man

red, performance, performing arts, stage, fashion, When I saw the original design for the teenage Iron Man, I couldn't stop applauding πŸ‘ just how fierce she looked. I love πŸ’“ that more female superheroes are getting screen time πŸ–₯.


The Lioness

hair, face, hairstyle, afro, jheri curl, Two words: Braid Out. If you're a naturalista, your beautiful curls will really make this next look.


Janet Jackson Circa Poetic Justice Era

hair, cap, clothing, hairstyle, fashion accessory, No one does box braids better than the original Queen πŸ‘‘.


Flapper Girl a La Josephine Baker

hair, face, clothing, person, black hair, Channel this beautiful brown-skinned goddess and her dark and dramatic Hollywood πŸŽ₯ inspired look. Get your gel (or a slightly curly wig) ready so you can slick back your hair.


Tia & Tamera Mowry

JW Marriott Hotels, hair, face, nose, black hair, Grab your bestie for this iconic and totally sweet 🍯 costume.


Whitley from a Different World

dress, formal wear, fashion, gown, photo shoot, Rollnecks, pencil skirts, twin sets and pearls ...
Bonus: Dress your boyfriend up as Dwayne for ultimate #couplegoals 😎😍.


Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder

hair, face, person, red, hairstyle, Short wig? Check βœ”οΈ. Blazer or business suit? Check βœ”οΈ. Take-no-prisoners attitude? Check, check, check βœ”οΈ.


Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek

Vasquez Rocks, image, red, lady, beauty, Be a part of the Starfleet with this quirky costume πŸ––. A short red dress and black knee high boots is all you need.


Jenelope from Bring It on

clothing, cheerleading uniform, costume, sports uniform, Bring on major throwback feels in Jenelope's cheery uniform ✌️.



fashion, toy, doll, glasses, Batman, The best thing about this last minute idea πŸ’‘ is that it's super easy to pull off. You can pick up cat 🐱 ears and an eye mask at almost any clothing store.


Niobe from the Matrix

clothing, lady, fashion, leather, toy, Keep it simple but sexy πŸ˜‰ in bantu knots and a matching leather set. Your friends won't be ready for all the slayage going on 😏!


Diana Ross

hair, face, hairstyle, black hair, beauty, Right off the bat, I knew that this was THE costume I just had to have. Rocking your fabulous fro and a sparkling ⭐ dress πŸ‘— is a must for this one.


Pair your Diana Ross-inspired ensemble with her signature bold eye makeup and extravagant lashes to make your eyes pop. Don't forget a microphone to channel Miss Ross's superstar essence. The key is to own the stage with as much grace and poise as the diva herself. If you're in a group, have your friends dress as the Supremes for a show-stopping group costume. Emanate confidence, and you’ll have everyone believing you’re the boss for the night. Keep an eye out for those Motown beats, and be ready to dazzle on the dance floor!


Penny Proud from the Proud Family

cartoon, anime, art, illustration, 90s kids, brace yourself for this one. Growing up, who wasn't in love πŸ’ž with Penny's bomb πŸ’£ cardigan and skirt combo?

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