7 Simple Ways to Cure Your Boredom and Make Your Day Exciting Again ...

How many times have you googled "Things to do when you're bored"? If your answer is "A lot", you're going to love guest contributor Stephanie's list of things to do when you're bored!

When sitting around doing nothing we tend to get bored. A lack of things to do is often the cause. Being bored holds you back. But, whenever you get bored you should be able to engage in simple activities or try something new. So ladies here are seven things you can do whenever you're bored.

1. Read a Book

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A good book is one escape from your boredom. If you're home alone just laying down figuring out what to do, you can always go to your local library to borrow a book and read. That way you get to explore the world of wonderful imaginary characters and expand your vocabulary while you're at it.

2. Write about Your Day

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If you have a journal then you’re like just like me. At times when I'm bored I jot down how my day is going so far. Although sometimes creativity can come at that very moment when you just feel like you have a lot to say which can turn into stories and poems. It’s a good way to express how you are feeling. You can basically write about anything that comes to mind. So if you’re in the mood you can always give it a try!

3. Watch TV or a Movie

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I know this sounds clichΓ© but you can always get some type of entertainment from the media. I sometimes watch Sex and the City just because I believe that Carrie Bradshaw is having a better day than me with her girlfriends and their personalities put a smile on my face. Or I watch an 80's movie like Dirty Dancing starring the gorgeous Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze because Β«nobody puts baby in the corner". You can also go with The Notebook to see the handsome Ryan Gosling. TV and movies may not always be the answer but it can make your boring day pass by.

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Cooking is so much fun when you're bored! What makes it interesting is you are taking the time to focus on what you’re doing and making sure it fulfills your taste buds. You can go simple by baking a cake or making spaghetti and meatballs or try something exciting. Takeout sounds good too if you’re not the type to cook. I mean who doesn't love food! Everyone does!

5. Take a Bubble Bath

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As ladies we always need some relaxation for ourselves. So another way you can cure your boredom is by taking a bubble bath and listening to whatever music sets the mood for you. A glass a wine can be nice while reading a magazine about the latest news in Hollywood or any types of magazines that tickles your fancy.

6. Go for a Walk

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Let's face it, going for a walk is probably the healthiest of them all because even if it's just a walk around the block it’s healthy for your body. While walking you can observe the beauty of everyday nature by looking at ; the tall trees, the sky and clouds, flowers, grass and feel the wind blow against you. Walking can help clear your mind if you have a lot going on. You can also make a decision about something that you were undecided about before.

7. Hang out with Family and Friends

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While you’re sitting around bored always remember you have friends and family that will come around when you need them, well that's if they aren't busy of course. Whatever the case is, your family and friends can save the day by bringing the joy and laughter your way. This will create a beautiful day and I'm also sensing incredible selfies and group pictures!

Boring days can turn out to the best day ever or the worst day ever. It really all depends on how you choose to make it right. Hopefully these options give you ladies a few ideas that will help you with your boredom. I hope these choices were interesting.

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