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7 Childhood Memories You Never Forget ...

By Jasmine

Childhood memories are some of the most precious keepsakes to hold dear to your heart—especially as you grow up. Sometimes you have to remind yourself how it felt to be a kid, and memories from your adolescence can help you do just that. Whether it's remembering something that made you smile or brought out the happiest part of you, certain childhood memories just stick with you for a lifetime. Here are seven of the most common childhood memories that you may not have trouble remembering.

1 Your Favorite Stuffed Animal

Everyone had that favorite stuff animal that they just couldn't live without. You had to have them sleeping with you at night or tagging along with you at grade school. Mine has forever been Winnie the Pooh Bear. It's sad to say, but he's still in my life and moves wherever I move. It's not that I can't let go, but he just brings a sense of comfort and reminiscence while being away from family (since he was a gift from my mother). Is this one of you childhood memories too?

2 Memorable Children's Storybooks

What were some of the children's stories that stood out to you the most? Mine was “The Little Engine that Could.” I remember being in kindergarten listening to my teacher read the story during circle time. As my teacher would read the best phase in the story, “I think I can,” I would shout right along with her and my classmates. It definitely became one of my favorite reads, along with many other bedtime stories.

3 Building Forts and Castles

This is one of the best childhood memories I just don't want to let go of any time soon. Do you remember building forts, castles, or tents with chairs, sofa pillows, and sheets? My brother and I used to love to build our little home and camp out in the living room for the night. It was like our territory that no one could enter without our permission. Now that I'm older, I wish I were small enough to fit in one of these fortresses.

4 Watching Your Favorite Cartoon

Who doesn't remember their favorite cartoon or kids show? I had several. For starters, I loved Rugrats and pretty much admired Angelica (don't ask why). Doug and Hey Arnold are also on my list. I remember a Doug rerun marathon came on Nickelodeon one year and it just threw me back in time. TV shows of today will never match up to what the '90s kids grew up on—but I'm sure every generation thinks the same about their childhood cartoons.

5 Your First Crush

If you didn't have a little crush on someone as a young kid, you're just lying! I will admit that my first crush was in second grade. I didn't quite understand it then, but I just remember being completely intrigued by this boy who would sit next to me at lunchtime just to pull on my pigtails. Of course I tried to make myself believe that I disliked him, but in reality, I actually had a crush on him.

6 Your Parents' Favorite Music

Music is just one of those things that sticks with you at any age. For most of us, I'm sure we can remember a song that our parents played a lot. One of the songs that I usually pull out of my memory bank when I'm reminiscing is "I Love Your Smile" by Shanice. However, for the most part, my parents played a lot of gospel music around the house. Now when I hear a particular song, I immediately have a flashback to hearing the same song as a child.

7 Playing with Friends outside

This is one of those memories you will NEVER be able to remove from your mind. I was one of those kids who loved to read, write, and stay in the room playing with Barbie dolls. My mother used to force me to go out and play (what mother didn't?), so you can believe that this was devastating for me. Yet, once I got outside I realized how much I was missing out. Hide-and-seek, Tag, and Red Light Green Light were just a few games I vividly remember playing with my friends.

I so wish I could step back in time and relive these carefree moments again, but life unfortunately doesn't work that way. Now that all of us are adults or growing into young adults, we can make sure that we create some of the best memories possible for our children to hold on to as they grow up. What are some other childhood memories that are unforgettable?

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