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Spending time alone is so incredibly important, and, just like spending time with friends, it's great to know the best ways to hang out by yourself. When the work week has got you too tired to go out, or you just feel the need for a Sunday in, you'll know exactly what to do to feel rejuvenated. If you're in need of shaking things up, read on for 7 ways to hang out by yourself.

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Okay, so the first of ways to hang out by yourself that comes to mind is reruns. When your brain just needs a break, hit up your Hulu queue or have your handy-dandy favorite TV series reruns. Sometimes, you just need to zone out for an episode or two. Or, use those reruns as background noise while you clean your house, sort your laundry, get in a quick workout, or plan for the upcoming weekend. Other great options: YouTube, Ted Talks or the Joyride app, for inspiration!


Spa Night

Take the night to paint your nails, try those new Sephora samples that have been sitting in the back of your drawer, deep condition your hair and just chill. Whatever it is that makes you feel most relaxed, pampering yourself is a great way to hang out by yourself. You'll feel refreshed and taking care of yourself is never, ever a bad thing!


Learn a New Skill

Spend your time alone learning something you've always wanted to learn... watercolor painting, guitar, baking the best triple-chocolate fudge brownies... If it's more intensive, find an online class or even a forum to help lead you through it. Skills are something that we take with us in life, and help enrich our day-to-day. Though you may be out of school and out of after school piano or ballet lessons, keeping up with your skills is an important habit to build!


Whip up Something New

If you like to cook, bake, make smoothies, make drinks or even just make salads, use your time alone to try something new! You'll have some awesome new lunch ideas, as well as a creative snack for next time your girlfriends come over. And when you're ready to invite that guy over for dinner? You'll already have practiced making that awesome dish he's going to love!


Get Creative

Drawing, painting, diy'ing, crafting, quilting - so many options, so little time! Spend your time alone making something, and you'll be the better for it. Sometimes just doodling, or even just rearranging your bookshelf or jewelry collection can help your mind wander. You'll realize that thing that was bugging you on Monday night really wasn't so bad, or you'll discover a solution to a problem you've been having. When you let your mind wander, dabble and create, you'll not only have awesome new art or decoration to show for it, but a freed mind! It's like a non-meditation way to meditate... for me at least!


Tackle Your Closet or Makeup

Have you ever found yourself on a Friday night with yet again nothing to wear... or bummed that you didn't try that new makeup technique you read about online? Well, use your time alone to try out new outfits and makeup routines. Or, do an overhaul and reorganize one of the two. Your wardrobe and makeup shakeup will thank you! Required: your favorite playlist.


Write, Read, Rest - Be Still

Sometimes, it's nice to just relax and be still. Have your favorite place in your home to zone out with a good book, magazine or your own notebook. Just words and paper are no longer as common as they once were, but it's a great way to relax by yourself. And, okay, sometimes maybe just your iPad and Pinterest...

You know what my Sunday night plans are! What ways do you love to hangout by yourself?

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Is awesome ideas thank you !

Great ideas! Especially trying new outfits and make up!!

All sounds great!!

I'm looking forward to trying these ideas. Thank you.

I love to chill by gardening !

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