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7 Neighborly Traits Small Town People Possess ...

By Alison

Did you grow up in a small town and hate it? Do you think you could never enjoy life in a small town? While city living suits many people and has a lot of advantages, it tends to be very anonymous. In a small town, however, people look out for their neighbors, and there is usually a great sense of community. These are just some of the neighborly traits small-town people possess …

1 Community Events

Small towns are full of events organised for and by the community. Because there aren't the same entertainment facilities that a city or large town can sustain, small towns have to be enterprising and organise events to keep people entertained. These events may not be as sophisticated as professional events, but they'll be a lot of fun.

2 Looking out for Each Other

Small town people look out for each other; there'll be no need to worry about who'll look after your dog while you're away or getting your shopping if you're sick. Small town people know their neighbors and wouldn't dream of leaving them to struggle if they're in need. And people will always keep an eye on elderly residents.


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3 Manners

Do you worry about your children picking up some of the less desirable traits of modern life? Small towns are very family oriented, and great places to bring up kids. You won't have to worry so much about their safety, and they'll learn good manners from everyone. And people will be friendly to you wherever you go; you won't be just another customer in the stores.

4 Town Pride

People in small towns take a lot of pride in their community. They want it to look good and be a pleasant place to live. You won't get the vandalism and crime that are common in cities. People work together to support their town and do their part to keep things running smoothly.

5 Supporting Local Businesses

Small-town residents also understand the need to support local businesses. In the city, there's always another drugstore/supermarket/cinema around the corner, but if a small-town store goes out of business it could be a long drive to the nearest one! So people are willing to patronise local businesses, and not just look for the cheapest option or order online.

6 Inclusion

Another lovely thing about small-town people is that they tend to be much more inclusive than city folk. Everyone will be invited to events, and know what's going on. You won't be judged by your income, clothes or the car you drive. And kids will be welcomed at pretty much any event.

7 Family Friendly

You won't get neighbors in a small town complaining about kids playing. In fact, they'll be keeping an eye on your kids to make sure they're safe. Older kids will often have part-time jobs, learning self-reliance and the importance of working. These are excellent places to bring up kids, because they are so family-oriented.

So don't dismiss small-town living, especially if you want to start a family. There may not be as many job opportunities, but the quality of life can more than make up for that. And the people are so neighborly that it's often a pleasure to live in such small towns. Are you a city or a country person?

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