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Scientists, mediums and con artists have been trying their chance at proving mind over matter exists for centuries. While there may still not be enough proof for any genuine conclusions to be made, there are certainly some intriguing cases out there that could perhaps be genuine.

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Generating Body Heat

A group of scientists conducted tests on the famous Tibetan monks known for their mind over matter abilities. One of the most famous experiments involved wet sheets being placed on the monks' backs, while they would engage in meditation in a cold room, with a temperature near freezing. Within a single hour, the sheets became totally dry due to the extreme body heat generated by the monks.


These remarkable individuals utilize a technique known as gTum-mo meditation or Tummo, which literally means “inner fire.” By controlling their breath and mental concentration, they are able to significantly raise their core body temperature. Observers have noted this astonishing capability not only challenges our understanding of the human body but also inspires awe in the potential of mental power. It’s an extraordinary demonstration of how disciplined mental practices can seemingly bend the physiological 'rules' that we take for granted.


Personality Disorders and Health

Multiple personality disorder is an intriguing mental condition that has also been associated to some examples of mind over matter that might surprise you. While being kept under supervision, some patients exhibited symptoms which showed clearly that some of their personalities had real physical deficiencies (diabetes, impaired vision etc.), while others were perfectly healthy.


Mind over matter is the concept that the mind has the power to influence physical matter. It is an intriguing concept that has been explored for centuries in various forms. This is especially true when it comes to multiple personality disorder (MPD).

MPD is a mental condition that is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personalities within a single individual. While under supervision, patients with MPD have exhibited physical symptoms that were only present in certain personalities. For example, one personality might have diabetes while another personality is perfectly healthy. This suggests that the mind has the power to influence the body, even to the point of creating physical differences between personalities.

Other examples of mind over matter have been reported in various studies. For example, one study found that people who had been hypnotized were able to experience physical sensations, such as pain, that were not present before they were hypnotized. This suggests that the mind has the power to influence the body in ways that we are only beginning to understand.


Nina Kulagina

In 1968, western scientists were shown films of a woman named Nina Kulagina at a Moscow conference. The films appeared to show her moving small objects with her mind, and claims were made that she was interviewed and tested by more than 40 scientists, two of which were Nobel Prize laureates.


Poltergeist Research

Poltergeist research is an obscure science in which some claim that strange activities, such as the movement of large objects, are caused by either disembodied entities in a haunted house, or the subconscious minds of certain people present in the area.


The Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is probably the most documented mind over matter example in the world. In placebo studies, groups of subjects are given pills that are not meant to do anything in order to act as a control to measure the effects of various drugs and treatments. Except in some cases, the mere belief that the pills may be helpful ends up having surprisingly positive effects.


These remarkable outcomes come to life without any pharmacological action at all—the power of expectation plays the leading role. Intriguingly, individuals who receive such inert substances can manifest improvements in conditions ranging from pain to depression, suggesting that the brain's chemistry can be astonishingly influenced by mental states. This phenomenon isn't just a testament to the strength of belief; it demonstrates that our perceptions hold the capacity to trigger real, physiological responses within our bodies, highlighting a fascinating intersection between psychology and physical health.


Dreams and Injuries

An extremely well-documented - and unexplainable - dream injury case is that of Durga Jatav from India, who, while suffering from typhoid fever, had a dream about his legs being severed. Upon awakening, he noticed some scars on his legs exactly in the place where they were cut off in the dream.


Interestingly, Jatav wasn't the only one to experience such a phenomenon. There have been numerous reports where individuals wake up with markings or bruises that appeared to have no physical origin, yet were connected to events in their dreams. These instances challenge the conventional understanding of how the mind and body interact and suggest a deeper, mysterious connection between our psychological experiences and physical reality. Whether it's the body responding to the mind's distress or a more profound psychosomatic response, cases like Jatav's continue to puzzle scientists and fascinate the curious.


Pain Immunity

Jewish writer Jack Schwarz has become known for his mind over matter abilities after being forced to develop them through prayer and meditation while being imprisoned by the Germans during WWII. After the war, he continued to show off his talents, being capable to push a needle through his arm without experiencing any pain.


Suspended Metabolism

Like Tibetan monks, many Indian Yogis also have their own meditation techniques for manipulating their physiology. Some are even known to suspend their heart rate and metabolism, reaching a state that mimics death.


Positivity and Synchronicity

Cancer studies in the late 90s showed some intriguing results: patients with a higher degree of hopelessness had lower chance of survival. Similarly, today, positive thinking is known to have a remarkable power in enhancing bodily functions and even causing positive “synchronistic coincidences” against all odds, such as leading a person to find his/her desired house after merely visualizing it.

Some of these claims may sound weird, but who knows – could some of them really be genuine? Do you believe there may be other examples of mind over matter abilities worth mentioning here?


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Freakishly, I once 'thought' my way back to being sober when I'd over indulged one evening. I panicked and knew I had to sober up, so I forced myself to be sober by sheer will. And I was incredibly intoxicated! But I did it. I'll nether forget that! Still freaks me out even now!

I can't explain it, but everything I have ever dreamed of, realistically that is, has always come to fruition, like they way I envisaged my life, or goals or situations have always happened

For sure this is true. Your thoughts become your reality. Everything and everyone is made up of energy, and your thoughts are just as powerful in shaping your world as your actions, maybe even more.

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