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Here's How to Keep Yourself Entertained when at the Beach Alone ...

By Holly

You don't have to bring a buddy with you whenever you leave the house. There's nothing wrong with going out to eat alone, going to the movies alone, or going to the beach alone. No one will care, or even notice, that you're there solo so you don't have to worry about getting judged. You only have to worry about boredom, which can be cured by doing some of these things:

1 Bring a Book to Read

Don't you hate when you're trying to read, but you keep getting interrupted? Well, when you go to the beach alone, you won't have to worry about that. You'll be all by your lonesome and will have nothing to distract you but the waves. It's the most relaxing place to let your mind drift away.

2 Write a Story or a Letter

It's time to unleash your creativity! Instead of reading, you can grab a notebook and start writing. You can come up with a fictional story, write out a letter to your family, or create a to-do list for the rest of the week. No matter what you write, you'll be productive.

3 Learn to Surf

You can buy or rent a surfboard and teach yourself how to surf. Just make sure that there's a lifeguard nearby in case something horrible happens. At least when you wipe out, you won't have friends around to make fun of you.

4 Take Photos of the Scenery

Whatever beach you go to will have some pretty nice scenery. Bring along a camera, or just take out your smartphone to take some snapshots of it all. Then you can post the pics to Instagram to brag about your day.

5 Make New Friends and Flirt

You arrived at the beach alone, but that doesn't mean you have to leave alone. If there are any cute guys, walk up and introduce yourself. If there's a family nearby, you should make friends with them, too. It'll give you someone to talk to, and if you ever want to take a dip in the ocean, they can guard your stuff for you.

6 Get in Your Daily Exercise

You can take a stroll around the beach to look at the sites. You could grab your bike and ride around the sand. You could lay down your towel and do yoga while looking out at the water. There are plenty of opportunities to exercise on the beach, and when you get too sweaty to continue, the water will be right there to cool you down.

7 Make a Sandcastle

There's nothing wrong with acting like a kid again. If you want to collect seashells, then go for it. If you want to build a sandcastle, go right ahead. Do all the things you loved to do as a child, because you'll still enjoy them today.

8 Search the Boardwalk

If there's a boardwalk nearby, then there are probably some shops you can browse. There might even be some restaurants that you can stop in for a bite. Make sure you examine your surroundings so you don't miss out on anything fun.

9 Sunbathe

You're already outside, so you might as well soak up some sun. It's not the most exciting thing to do, but if you just want to plop down and rest, feel free. Just make sure you set an alarm on your phone, because you don't want to end up falling asleep and getting burnt to a crisp.

You'll have a blast at the beach, whether you arrive solo or with a group. What do you usually do when you go to the beach alone?

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