7 Super Fun Things to do for People Who Are Alone and Bored ...


One of my favorite times of the day is when I get to spend time alone. On hectic days, that may only be the time I spend driving into work. On really crazy days, it’s the few minutes of peace I may find alone in the bathroom. As you can see, alone time is a rare thing around here, so when it comes around I like to spend it wisely. It is great for recharging, decompressing and enjoying some quality time by yourself.

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Get a Massage

Massages are a nice way to pamper yourself. They can be super relaxing and just overall good for the body. If you get a moment to yourself definitely consider getting a massage.


TV Binge

Aw yes! How often do you get control of the television at your house? With a husband and kids, it’s a constant struggle here. Some of my best free time is spent catching up on my favorite shows. What will you watch on your TV binge?


Get Crafty

No matter your craft of choice, spending a little time creating something by hand can be very rewarding and relaxing. My sister likes to refinish old furniture. I like to paint. What’s your craft?


Try a New Workout

Have you always wanted to check out that dance class? Maybe you’ve been waiting to try kickboxing or yoga. Whatever it is, here is some uninterrupted time for you to try something new and get in a good workout.


Cook up Something Good

If you enjoy cooking or baking, why not use your free time to whip up something yummy? Often times I am rushed to get dinner on the table to feed the family. When I have the day to myself to cook a good meal, it is the best.


Watch the Stars

I love going into my backyard at night and watching the stars. It’s so relaxing. It is such a marvel to consider how small we are in comparison to all that is out there. Do you have a favorite place to stargaze?


Shop It out

Now you are talking! There is nothing like a shopping spree to rejuvenate the soul. Am I right, girls? Of course, I am! It’s nice to shop with friends, but shopping alone can be enjoyable too. There is no needing to wait around for someone else or tell your friend how cute an outfit is over and over again.

Now you have so many ideas on how to spend your next block of alone time, you just need to set the date with yourself. What’s your favorite way to spend time alone?

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Turn on loud music and dance like no ones watching


Go hang out at my local yarn shop during the day. Binge watch during the evening.

I love sitting on my front porch and just watch the stars. It's so relaxing.

I love reading the Bible when I'm alone :)

Try a new workout maybe

Read some good books and write!

Bake a cake and eat it too!

Take a nice bath 😇

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