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Whether your birthday’s not for a few months or it’s tomorrow, these themes are easy enough to plan in either a few months or a few hours, plus you’ll definitely leave your guests impressed! If you’re looking for the perfect birthday party theme for you, look no further than this list. There is sure to be something on this list that will get you excited for your birthday, even if you’re not so excited about getting older!

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Throw It Back to Your Birth Year

Plan your entire birthday party around your birth year! Instruct people to dress like it’s your birth year, and decorate your place like it’s that year all over again! Right now, this is especially fun if you were born in the 90s, because the 90s are back in a major way. But even if you weren’t born in the 90s, this still has the potential to be one of the best birthday parties you throw!


Your Favorite Movie or TV Show

If you really love a certain movie or TV show, plan your birthday party around it. That’s the beauty of Pinterest. If you really love a movie or TV show, search for it on Pinterest with “party ideas” and you’ll undoubtedly find a ton of ideas for invitations, games, and food that will not only help you plan the best birthday party ever, but will make it so much easier for you!


A Chic Affair

Growing up doesn’t have to be boring and neither does this party! If you want to celebrate but don’t really want to have a theme, do something simple. Pick a color scheme, like black, gold, and pink, and plan your party around those colors. You could add a sit-down dinner and have an elegant night with your friends!


A Mexican Fiesta

No matter what time of year your birthday is, if you love a good margarita, than this may just be the perfect birthday party theme for you! You can have a “Cinco de Mayo” fiesta without things getting too messy. Once again, thanks to Pinterest, you can find a ton of ideas to have a fiesta that’s classy while still being a ton of fun!


A Nostalgia Night

Maybe you don’t want to have a birthday party with your birth year as the theme because you don’t remember that year. Instead, plan a nostalgia night for your birthday party. Try to find your favorite games, movies, and food from your childhood and encourage your friends to dress like they’re kids again. All of you will definitely have a blast!


An Indoor Summer Night

If you love the summer but aren’t lucky enough to have a summer birthday, bring summer to your birthday! Host a summer night indoors. Make s’mores, create a makeshift (and safe) bonfire, gather around it and tell stories. Bring the outdoors inside, even if the weather’s not permitting!


An Outdoor Movie Night

By this point, everyone’s seen that picture from Pinterest of the outdoor movie theatre by the pool. Re-create that for your birthday, and watch your favorite movies with your friends outside. It brings back a lot of memories of drive-thru movie theatres, and your friends are sure to love it!

What’s your favorite party theme? What are you planning for your birthday this year? Let me know in the commen

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