7 Awesome Pink Things That Will Make You Happy ...


7 Awesome Pink Things That Will Make You Happy ...
7 Awesome Pink Things That Will Make You Happy ...

Every gal has to have a few awesome pink things in her life! A splash of cheerful, girly pink is always a great way to brighten up a dull day, and now is the perfect time to celebrate all things pink since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. "Think pink" is also a great philosophy to live by, so make your mind happy by indulging in these awesome pink things.

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Pink Cupcakes

Pink Cupcakes Cupcakes are some of the most awesome pink things because they're already great no matter what color they are. A cupcake being pink is just the icing on the cake — literally. I'm honestly more of a chocolate girl, but I just can't resist a good strawberry cupcake decorated with pink icing and sprinkles. It just brings me back to being a little girl and playing with my scented cupcake doll (remember those?). Those darn things always made me so hungry.


Pink Wedding Dresses

Pink Wedding Dresses How awesome is it that pink wedding dresses are in style? Browsing the web looking for whimsical pink gowns to add to your wedding planning Pinterest board is definitely a fun way to waste an hour…or two…or three. The pink wedding dress is perfect for the girl who has never lost her love for all things Barbie. You might also want to think pink if you simply want to make your wedding look a really memorable one. And since some of the dresses remind me of pink cupcake frosting, these pink things score extra points.


Pink Teacup Piglets

Pink Teacup Piglets Now I'm not saying that you should go out and buy a pink teacup piglet. However, you can do so if you're ready for that kind of serious commitment (and you'll definitely have to be ready to give up bacon). All it takes to get that fuzzy, squee-worthy feeling is to look for photos of the cuddly little critters. And you'll get bonus feels if you find a photo of a pale pink piglet inside an actual teacup. Kittens might rule the internet, but teacup piglets definitely finish a very close second with their soft peach fuzz and sweet eyes.


Pink Drinks

Pink Drinks This is the best way to celebrate a girls' night out: order any pink drink that ends in –tini. It's fun because drinking alcoholic beverages was one of the few things that your Barbies couldn't do! You might also try mixing your pink drinks at home for a night of girl talk and rom-com watching (be sure to rock your pink PJs!). Just think of all the great pink flavors that are out there—there's pink grapefruit, pink lemonade, watermelon, raspberry, cherry, strawberry and cranberry (any red fruit flavor will look a little pink if you mix it with the right ingredients). You can even put pink cotton candy in a cocktail to create a really sweet party treat.


Hot Pink Pumps

Hot Pink Pumps If you're shoe-obsessed, then you have to have a pair of pink pumps! They'll pump up the fun factor for all sorts of different outfits and make you feel like a living Barbie. You can wear them with a sophisticated white dress or a black dress to create a more playful look. They can also dress up a more casual look if you pair them with dark skinny jeans or black tights. And if you're really feeling bold, you can even rock them with another bright color like electric blue or neon green.


Pink Dolphins

Pink Dolphins How cool is it that these creatures actually exist? It's like my old Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper came to life! The pink dolphin is actually just an albino bottlenose dolphin, but knowing this doesn't make it much less magical. And dolphins are awesome enough without being pink since they make cute noises and always look like they're smiling. It also makes you wonder what other amazing creatures are out there. If we can't find a unicorn, then I'll settle for a pink horse.


Imagine encountering these fuchsia friends on a whimsical adventure in the Amazon River. Known as the Amazon River dolphin or boto, they aren't actually albinos but get their pink hue from capillaries near the surface of their skin—how rad is that? These dolphins can change color with age or even mood, ranging from soft gray tones in youth to vibrant pink shades as adults. They're not just a pop of color in the water, but also incredibly intelligent and playful, often seen interacting with locals and tourists. Just another reminder that nature's color palette is truly endless!


Pink Stationery

Pink Stationery Doesn't pretty pink stationery make writing down to-do lists just a tad less tedious? You can even look for stationery adorned with some of the things mentioned above, like high heels, piglets, and cupcakes. And if you really want to have fun jotting down your grocery list, buy one of those pens with fluffy pink feathers on the end. It'll bring you back to the days when you were obsessed with being just like Cher from the movie "Clueless." We might have outgrown our Lisa Frank days, but we shouldn't let that stop us from sneaking a little girly fun in when it comes to our stationery.

Of course there are so many other pink things that I could have included here. I also love sparkly pink gems, a fresh tube of pink lipstick, and pretty pink Valentines. So what are a few of your favorite pink things?

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Haha yeah the pumps

Love love love everything since pink is my fav . Color Just not the pigy

This post made me so happy :)

Stationary is my favorite

I love PINK !!! 💅💁

Love the pumps

Yes you can do many things with pink

I'm not a major fan of hot or bright pink, but i know that i want a soft pink wedding dress, defs not white!

Its all true

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