7 Awesome Gadgets for Lazy People ...

Now, I’m not insinuating you are lazy (although you might well be), but you could always read this list of gadgets for lazy people on the pretense you are looking for some gift ideas (ha ha). For those who can’t find the motivation to do the mundane or the boring, or just want a fun way to get the chores done without you having to do anything but flip a switch, these gadgets for lazy people may well be the answer.

1. Self Stirring Mug

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The self stirring mug is a cross between a gimmicky toy and something genuinely useful. It’s one of the ultimate gadgets for lazy people because it takes one of the easiest tasks and automates it for you. These are likely to appear in homes more frequently in the future (read - my home!). The only disadvantage of the self stirring mug is you need to use battery power. It still can’t be charged up like a mobile phone. And it’s a shame it only comes in boring black. Available at Amazon and various gift stores.

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