7 Awesome Gadgets for Lazy People ...


7 Awesome Gadgets for Lazy People ...
7 Awesome Gadgets for Lazy People ...

Now, I’m not insinuating you are lazy (although you might well be), but you could always read this list of gadgets for lazy people on the pretense you are looking for some gift ideas (ha ha). For those who can’t find the motivation to do the mundane or the boring, or just want a fun way to get the chores done without you having to do anything but flip a switch, these gadgets for lazy people may well be the answer.

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Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring Mug The self stirring mug is a cross between a gimmicky toy and something genuinely useful. It’s one of the ultimate gadgets for lazy people because it takes one of the easiest tasks and automates it for you. These are likely to appear in homes more frequently in the future (read - my home!). The only disadvantage of the self stirring mug is you need to use battery power. It still can’t be charged up like a mobile phone. And it’s a shame it only comes in boring black. Available at Amazon and various gift stores.


Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Ever heard of the Roomba? This is the automatic vacuum cleaner which broke through in the Western markets. Japan has been marketing these things for years, but it was only recently us Westerners decided to elevate ourselves to a new level of complete and utter idleness when it comes to household chores. These time saving gadgets available from various manufacturers will run across your room picking up any dirt and debris. Whilst they’re turned off, you can recharge them. They’re also a fun curiosity for pets. The one pictured is $140 but you can also buy ones designed for pet hair and allergy sufferers for around $300.


GO Duster

GO Duster The GO duster is everybody’s favorite duster from late night shopping channels. Hold it near the offending area and press a button. The battery-operated duster automatically spins around and sends dust away in a whirl of cleanliness. This isn’t just a device for people who hate cleaning. If you aren’t as mobile as you once were or suffered a serious injury in the past, this can take care of all the hard work of dusting for you. Widely available.


Banana Slicer

Banana Slicer Seriously? Who doesn’t have time to slice a banana with a knife? Well if you know someone who finds it such a strain or a chore, the handy banana slicer is the perfect answer. There are various styles available but I like this one because you just place it over a banana and press down. Others you have to slide a banana through two or three times and that’s just too much effort, right? Widely available from kitchenware retailers.


Clap on Clap off Lights

Clap on Clap off Lights Of all the gadgets which save time, there’s nothing cooler than the light clapper. All you have to do is clap your hands like an impatient aristocrat and the lights turn on or off. Even if the switch is right next to you, there’s nothing more satisfying than doing this. Don’t buy it if you have kids who like to clap, though! There are also voice activated alternatives available. These turn on or off when you say a certain phrase. Some of them allow you to set the phrase, as well. They can be temperamental sometimes, but in general they make a fantastic addition to any lazy person’s home! Widely available.


Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic Lawn Mower There are few gadgets for lazy people who don’t enjoy gardening which are better than an automatic lawn mower. These popular gadgets enable you to press a button and it goes off on its way. All you have to do is supervise. They rarely jam and don’t require much maintenance. They’re quite expensive to purchase, ranging from $750-3,000. A present for the lazy man who has everything, maybe? Widely available.


Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Motorized Ice Cream Cone You can be forgiven for thinking this is an April Fool’s joke, but no, it’s serious. You know how strenuous it is and how much energy it takes to turn your ice cream cone so you can get at all sides of your lovely icy sweet treat? Well fret no more. With a motorized cream cone doing the turning job for you, all you need to do is drop in your cone, turn it on, stick out your tongue and let the device twist away. Widely available.

Are you hankering after any of these gadgets for lazy people or is there a lazy person in your life who would just adore these? What labor saving, time saving gadget hasn’t been invented yet that you crave?

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Yo quiero

Where can I buy a clap on clap off light switch?

Def want the banana slicer! Is it available in the UK Neecey?

Agreed! Where to pick up the Clapper? That you can use voice control too!


I want one of those robo vacuum cleaners! My son and I have terrible allergies and I'm willing to try anything.. but $300 is a bit steep especially since my cheating husband just left me with nothing right before Christmas. Dirty slime bag.

Banana slicer I want

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