9 Gnarly '90s Toys We Used to Get for Christmas ...

With Christmas quickly approaching, I've been feeling nostalgic for the crazy '90s toys I used to get under the tree. I grew up mainly in the 1990s, and it seems to me that at one point or another, I had every big-name toy highlighted in the JC Penney Wishbook. I still have a lot of them, because I'm a spoiled only child and my parents are clinging onto my childhood like no one's business. Though these are by no means the only '90s toys I owned, or the only ones sold, they're the ones I loved the best – and the ones I think other '90s babies will recognize the most.

1. Lil Miss Makeup

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Lil Miss Makeup was one of the most popular '90s toys among my playmates, and she had an entire franchise! At first glance, this Lil Miss was pure innocence, but by removing her bows, adding a top, and applying water to her face at just the right temperature, she glammed out. She rocked a red lip and a heart-shaped beauty mark like nobody's business. I didn't own the entire franchise, but I had Lil Miss Magic Mermaid (whose siren song still haunts my dreams) and Lil Miss Magic Hair.

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