7 Vintage Video Games That Will Remind You of Your Childhood ...


7 Vintage Video Games That Will Remind You of Your Childhood ...
7 Vintage Video Games That Will Remind You of Your Childhood ...

Recently I have become a bit of a Kinect addict, but that hasn’t stopped me craving the vintage video games that made my childhood. Back when games were about cartridges and not discs, the graphics were limited but the prospects were exciting. My love for vintage video games has been ignited recently, causing me to seek out SEGA Mega Drives and PS1s. There are certain games that stand out in my mind more than others.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the many vintage video games that has gone on to be turned into a modern version. While the up-to-date versions of Sonic are exciting, nothing quite beats the original version made for the Master System. This game reminds me of spending time with my cousins indoors during rainy afternoons! With no codes to return to certain levels and no possibilities to save, this game could soon become frustrating. When I finally managed to kill the last Doctor Robotnik, I felt like I’d made a real personal achievement.


Tomb Raider

Okay, I love the new versions of Tomb Raider almost as much as I love the first one made for the PS1. Earlier this year I tore two tendons in my hand and couldn’t use it. Someone bought me the latest Tomb Raider as a get well present, obviously without thinking I couldn’t play it one-handed. To me, no matter how far the graphics from the modern versions go, they will never be scarier than the first two. Why is this? Because of that damn creepy butler. Like other Tomb Raider fans, I loved locking him in Lara’s freezer.


Crash Bandicoot

So I only really loved the first two Crash Bandicoots and never fell in love with any of the modern versions. Sadly, I was never good enough at this game to complete all the levels and beat Cortex. I did love it enough to re-do any levels involving ice and penguins. There was something so cute about them. Maybe one day I will break back into Crash and defeat Cortex once and for all.


Street Fighter

Street Fighter was definitely one of my Mega Drive favorites! As a pre-teen, very few gaming experiences filled me with joy more than taking on Blaze’s character and kicking the hell out of gangs. Unlike modern fighting games, it didn’t seem to require a heck of a lot of skill. All you needed to do was kick and punch in all the right places. Every so often there was a special move on offer, but nothing as complex as the modern fighting game challenges of today.


ToeJam & Earl

I never quite figured out the point of ToeJam & Earl. Was there a point? As far as I could tell, I was either a skinny crab-like guy or a potato-like man. As said character, I’d ascend through various levels, get presents, find an elevator, and repeat the process. The further I got, the weirder the levels were. Again, I am not sure if I ever completed this. It absolutely captivated me though and sometimes still does.


Theme Hospital

Forget the thrills and spills of Theme Park, I was a true Theme Hospital devotee! Hiring the best doctors, firing bad janitors, and investigating new diseases had me sitting up into the wee hours during my teen years when I re-discovered this beauty. As soon as I reached the stage where I could purchase a hair replacement machine, I was happy. Then I’d ascend through the levels where everyone was spewing everywhere and I’d give in. When Theme Park hit the Nintendo DS and Theme Hospital didn’t, I was sorely disappointed.



I never had a Nintendo! I was always a Sega and PlayStation girl. However, when I went to my friends’ houses and played Lemmings, I was addicted. I downloaded the vintage version earlier this year and had a go. It turns out I am no better at leading those little guys to safety now than I was as a kid.

If I wasn’t so busy all the time, vintage video games would continue taking over my life. Today I used my Kinect for fitness more than gaming. When I do want to feel all of about five years old again, I break out my old games. What were your favorite video games as a kid?

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@Amy, beat me to pointing that out!

Tomb raider old and new, still the best games ever

Where do you live??

Loved theme hospital... I wish I could play it now!!!

Loved Neo-Geo. . . Especially Samurai Showdown 2. . . Now that was a console!!

Banjo-Kazooie, Spyro, Mario Party... Great video games! They really take me back. :)

I never had a video game console but remember loving Mario and Mortal Kombat!

Number 4 is actually called streets of rage :)

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