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7 Amazing Internet Communities to Be a Part of ...

By Lauren

Internet communities are such a great resource for meeting and connecting with other people who have similar interests as you! Whether you're a book worm, an artist, or a stay at home Mom, there's an Internet community out there for you! I'm here to help you find your perfect online community by giving you 7 amazing Internet communities to be a part of!

1 YouTube

This is one of the Internet communities on this list that I am personally very active on! I’m sure you all know of YouTube, but you may not all know about the YouTube community. Whether you make videos yourself or just watch other people, there are so many ways to connect with others on the website! You'll discover people who can answer your beauty questions, give you advice, and even make you laugh. Keep in mind that commenting on channels with a smaller subscriber number will give you better odds that the user will respond. Otherwise it's always fun to just connect with other users who are watching larger channels!

2 Goodreads

If you are a book worm like me, then you definitely need to become a part of the Goodreads community! Goodreads is somewhat like a Facebook for readers. The best community aspect of the website, though, is their "Groups" section. Here you can connect with other readers with similar interests and start book clubs together! You can either start your own or join one that's already been created and has members. They have great ways to talk with others in the group and share book thoughts and suggestions!

3 Deviantart

If you're an artist, deviantART would be the best Internet community for you! deviantART is a website where you and others can post artwork for others to see and possibly even buy! There is a community within deviantART, though, where people can meet and become friends through a mutual love of art! Their "Groups" section is where you can find other people who have similar interests as you. Add friends and even send each other "badges" as well as swap artwork with each other!

4 The Bump

This Internet community is perfect for Moms (or Moms to be) of every kind! Not only is this a website with tons of useful information, but it also has a designated community section. They have different sections for everyone from "adoption" or "1st-trimester" to "stay at home Moms" and "special needs parents." There is just about a section that will relate to anyone and people in it that you can connect with!

5 Etsy

You may know about Etsy, but did you know that there's a community within the website? They have Etsy "Teams" where you can meet people with common interests, and collaborate product ideas, Etsy Forums where you can post questions or just chat with other users, and they even have an "Events" section where you can create real life events where other Etsy users with similar interests can meet together offline. If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, then Etsy is definitely a great community for you to check out!

6 Flickr

Are you more of the photography lover? Flickr is a great way to get your photography out there while also meeting other photographers just like you! There are groups and even "contests" set up by users where your photos can get more recognition. It's a great way to also get tips and help from other photographers! The website even helps you to find other photographers who live in your area that you can connect with!

7 Google+

For some reason, it seems like Google+ never really took off as a main social media website. However, one of its best and most overlooked features is the "Communities" feature! Google+ has thousands of communities within the platform where you can find just about anyone to talk to with a similar interest! You can search for communities that match your interest or they can recommend some to you! Give Google+ a chance if you want to find some really great Internet communities to be a part of!

Keep in mind when exploring Internet communities that you should never meet someone you meet online alone in real life. Also be wary of what you believe from others online, as many people tend to lie about themselves when safely behind a computer screen! What is your favorite Internet community? Do you belong to any of the ones listed here?

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