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I don’t collect that much compared to some people but I do find useful things to collect. In my opinion, if you’re going to collect something, you should make sure it’s something you can use frequently. After all, you’re paying good money for it. Here’s a list of useful things to collect that you might want to do yourself.

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Mugs Mugs are an incredibly useful thing to collect. It might sound like overkill, but my family has well over 70 mugs. The scary thing is that we use them all on a regular basis! We don’t drink out of glasses, only mugs. I find mugs incredibly useful to collect because it’s something that can be used for any beverage, from water to juices to tea to coffee. Our mugs are either Disney collectibles or Starbucks city mugs but you can get whatever type of mug you want.



Blankets In my opinion, you can never have too many blankets. Some rip and get worn with age, so keeping them in bulk helps keep you warm on those colder nights. I’m always freezing so sometimes I’ll go to sleep under five or six blankets. Plus, you can buy different thicknesses so that if you want a lighter blanket, you don’t need to sweat under a woolen one.



Scarves Having a wide scarf collection is definitely a must! Scarves can be matched with so many different outfits, changing it completely with such a simple accessory. I like getting scarves in solid colors or more versatile patterns. But it’s also fun to mix it up with different patterns and thicknesses. See what scarves you can find!



Candles Candles are a good thing to collect because they are something you can use in your home whenever. Whether you are curling up to watch a movie or having company over, consider lighting a candle. Collecting candles gives you a variety of scents to choose from to make your night sweet and memorable. Personally, I’m a big fan of French Vanilla candles, but I like to explore and try by trial-and-error to see what scents work for me.


Board Games

Board Games Who doesn’t like to play board games? Whenever we go over to my cousin’s house, I’m always eager to see what the next, new and exciting game we will play is. There are some great games to have on hand, like “Catchphrase,” “Loaded Questions,” “Apples to Apples,” and “Curses.” If you get a collection of board games going, you can invite guests over for dinner and play a fun game afterwards. It’s a win-win.



Books I know it’s getting more popular to read eBooks on Nooks or Kindles but I’m still a fan of having a hard-copy. I think collecting books is a good idea because it's something you can lend to friends at any time, write in the margins if you have a thought or hand down from generation to generation. My English teacher from high school has her deceased older brother’s copy of “Hamlet” and still uses it to this day because his handwriting is in the margins. It’s a way for her to hold a part of him in her life, simply by using a classic text with his thoughts.



Shoes Well, ladies, it’s officially okay to start up your shoe collection or keep adding to it. After all, we wear shoes most of the time. Heels, boots, flats, whatever you fancy. It also gives you options for mixing up outfits by making them casual to classy in a matter of seconds. So go out there, and start shoe shopping!

I hope this list of incredibly useful things to collect helped spark some ideas in your own life. If you’re going to collect something, I highly suggest it’s something you can use because then you definitely get your money’s worth. What else is good to collect?

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I love to collect book box I love to read a lot

Love collecting mugs and candles

OMG when I. Was in high school I'd collect pez I still have em all in a box in the attic n estate sale rhinestone broaches

All seven are simply the best things to collect! Coz, whatsoever you won't regret it later!

I collect snow globes

I love mugs and candles and I'm on the process of collecting more right now! Also even though I don't read much, and I always tell myself I will start reading more, I agree with the thought of collecting books is much better. (: I'm constantly told that I'm a grown women in the body of a young person cause I'm only 17 and my tastes are much different than those my own age .

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