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When it comes to learning something new, YouTube how-to videos are where I go first. YouTube used to be known for videos on adorable animals or people doing ridiculously dumb things. Now, it has grown up a bit and even has some pretty great content. Whether it is about contouring with make-up, simple recipes to try, or workouts to tone, YouTube how-to videos have it all and they are being updated daily. If you have not been on YouTube recently, get ready, it’s not just cute pets doing adorable things.

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Natural Beauty by Michelle Phan

If you know YouTube how-to videos relating to make-up, chances are you know who Michelle Phan is. Michelle Phan is one of my favorite YouTuber’s; her videos all relate to beauty and are some of the most well put together and informative make-up tutorials out there. This how-to will help those wanting a natural make-up look, or even, a great place to start with a more glammed-up face. I used what I learned from this how-to a lot over the summer and will continue using it this fall.


Beginners Vinyasa by Ali Kamenova

YouTube is a great place to find workout videos by fitness celebs we know like Jillian Michaels, and those we do not. This yoga flow for beginners is a great place to start for those new to yoga, or a great easy-flow for those more experienced yogis. I just recently came across Ali Kamenova and her incredible yoga videos. Ali is not a famous trainer, but her voice is soothing and her videos are super helpful!


How to Cook Perfect Fluffy Rice by Jamie Oliver

Oh goodness, when it comes to UK chefs, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay are at the top of my favorites list. Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel is filled with fun cooking videos that range from simple things like cooking rice, all the way to lasagna and ribs. This video is wonderful thing for a girl like me who usually just throws my rice in a rice-cooker and calls it a day. Seriously, must try the salted lemon and mint basmati rice! And just to top it off, Jamie also has links to great recipes using rice in the description.


How to Contour Your Nose by Goss Make-up Artist

For me, contouring my nose is way cheaper than a rhinoplasty. It is also quite a bit less painful. This tutorial is all about noses and is one of the very few that gives a how-to for different nose types. For those looking for a complete contouring overview including products and other facial areas, I would completely recommend the contouring and highlighting video or the Kim Kardashian how-to, both by Goss Make-up Artist.


Magic Chocolate Lave Cake by How to Cook That

Who loves yummy chocolate lava cake? I do! And what I love even more is simple ways to make delicious food. Enter the incredible how-to by How to Cook That. This is another great cooking channel on YouTube that is ridiculously simple and has tons of dessert recipe uploads. All ingredients and links to other yummy dessert videos are linked in the description.


Easy Ways to Use Liquid Liner by Michelle Phan

Of course we will have more than one YouTube how-to from the gorgeous Michelle Phan. This tutorial is short and sweet, going over three of the most popular liquid eyeliner looks. Michelle talks about some of her simple ways to get a clean line and a few tricks for getting that gorgeous cat eye. If you like this video, you will probably also like the Day to Night how-to, also by Michelle Phan.


Core Workout by XHIT Daily

We have all heard of 8-minute abs, but doesn’t that just seem too long to wait? Enter XHIT Daily’s 6-minute ab routine. It is highly improbable that we will have abs after six minutes, but let’s dare to dream! This 6-minute ab video has some great core exercises that will get all of us on the road to that washboard tum. If 6-minutes is still too long to wait, try XHIT Daily’s 5-minute ab alternative. Both are great, and even better if done together.

Get beautiful, work out, and eat some great food. All of these fantastic parts of life can be taught to us through these super fun and informative YouTube how-to videos. My favorite use of YouTube is for all of those fantastic workout videos, although the make-up tutorials make a close second. What is your favorite thing to watch on YouTube?

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Love that lava cake lady!

That nose video. Oh my goodness. So funny. I didn't even know there were so many nose types.

Lava cake is so east


OMG the nose video. I can't even apply eyeshadow without it looking weird..how on Earth..

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