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7 Reasons Why Tattoos Shouldn't Be Taboo ...

By Holly

As time passes, more and more people are becoming aware of the reasons why tattoos shouldn’t be taboo. Adults say that ink will prevent us from getting a job and that it doesn’t look attractive. There will always be people who oppose tattoos, just like they’ll always be supporters of them. Whatever the adversaries say, there are perfectly good reasons why tattoos shouldn’t be taboo.

1 Dedication

DedicationWhat shows your dedication better than having something printed on your body that will remain there forever? As long as it’s not inappropriate, employers should be happy to see that type of dedication. When you make a choice, you stick with it. Isn’t that what they’re looking for in potential employees? One of the reasons why tattoos shouldn’t be taboo is because it shows that you’re willing to make a decision that will stick with you forever.

2 Passion

PassionAnother quality that everyone claims that they admire is passion. Getting a tattoo that represents your love for a person or song or hobby shows that you’re passionate about it. It shouldn’t be shameful to declare your love for something. Did you get a tattoo of a stack of books to show your love for reading? You should be commended for the design, not frowned upon.

3 Creativity

CreativityIf you’re creative, then you’re probably interested in tattoos. They’re a means of expression and can show the world who you are. If you’re an artist, you can create your own tattoo. If you’re not artistic, you can get someone to draw out your idea for you. Either way, you’re helping to create something out of nothing. It’s the perfect form of creativity.

4 Individuality

IndividualityIn this day and age, everyone tries to set themselves apart from the rest of the world. Everyone wants to be unique, to be their own person.When you get a tattoo, you get to choose the design and location of it. It’ll make your body different from anyone else you meet. It’s a creative way to show your individuality and express yourself.

5 Courage

CourageGetting ink takes courage. Even if you get a small tattoo, you still have to deal with needles. The pain is temporary, but it can hurt quite a bit. Anyone who decides to go through the pain of voluntarily having needles stick into their skin deserves to be praised. Of course, the end product is worth the pain.

6 Memories

MemoriesSome have tattoos of crosses with the names of loved ones sprawled across it. Others have paw prints or portraits of their pets or babies. Getting a tattoo is a way to preserve a memory or praise the dead. How could anyone fault you for representing such a big part of your life? Be proud of your decision.

7 Happiness

HappinessIf someone disapproves of something that makes you happy, ignore their opinion. If you want a tattoo, get a tattoo! The aim of life is to enjoy it and be as happy as you can be. Don’t let society tell you that the thing that makes you happy is wrong. There’s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo, as long as your idea is well thought out and you receive it from a reputable, cleanly shop.

Whether or not you’re a fan of tattoos, you shouldn’t shame those who love them. Do you have any tattoos? If not, are you planning on getting any?

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