7 Reasons Why Having Close Girlfriends is Important ...


7 Reasons Why Having Close Girlfriends is Important ...
7 Reasons Why Having Close Girlfriends is Important ...

I hope we all know why having close girlfriends is important, but some of us might need a little reminder here and there. Close girlfriends will always be there for you, while others will come and go. Make sure to keep your girls closer than ever and let them know how much you love them. Who will you call when you and your boyfriend break up? What about when you land your first job? Or land your first boyfriend! Here are reasons why having close girlfriends is important.

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Stress Relief

This is why having close girlfriends is important and I couldn’t last a week without mine! After those long days at the office or school, you need your girlfriends to vent to. For anything you need to vent about, girlfriends are there. They won’t judge, they just listen and give great advice. Off-loading onto your girlfriends can be some of the best therapy sessions that no one else will ever understand.


Learning Things

This sounds weird, but it’s true. We learn a lot from our girlfriends as we each experience something different day to day. We can be so stubborn with our opinions that we find it hard to see other points of view, but with girlfriends, our eyes may open. Friendship also helps us learn things about ourselves that we may never have known. Your friends can offer insight to you that can help make you a better person.



Who doesn’t want your girlfriends there when getting ready for a hot date? Or what about finding that perfect outfit for your girl’s night out on the town? Friends are there to boost each other up when times get rough, or just on a daily basis! If you are going through a down time, be open with your close friends. They will be more supportive than you think!



Going through high school and even college can be a hard time for most. Rumors can be spread, hearts can be broken, and friendships can be lost. But those friendships who make it through all those challenging times together, will last forever. Keep those girls close and never let go! These girls will be there for you and you can depend on that.



It’s amazing how much love you can feel from having a few close girlfriends. Don’t stress about not always having a boyfriend to lean on, as your girlfriends will be there regardless. The love that they will give you is pure and real, as they love you for you.


When Adventure Calls…

Sure you may have a great boyfriend that you love dearly, but there’s just something about a night out with your girls. Going shopping and spending any quality time with your girlfriends is so necessary. Having those intimate talks and venting about your boyfriend is essential and only your girlfriends will understand. This is where you make those ‘inside jokes’ and have bonding experiences like never before.


Sex Talk

Lets be honest, us girls LOVE talking about our sex lives to each other. This is a great way to learn new things to use in bed and to surprise your lover with. Girls are great at giving advice so let them! Share your experiences and give your friends advice on love and all thing sex with some quality ‘glass of wine’ nights.

I could go on and on as to why having close girlfriends is important. Make sure to always keep them close and give them your undivided attention when they are going through hard times, as you will need them one day as well. What are some traits about your best girlfriends that you adore? Or maybe some bad ones?

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Girls are way too catty sometimes, I'll stick with my guy friends ~

I need one

I don't catch up with my favourite girl much but i always love every moment of it, and she's my only close girl!

My bff and i tell each other very often how much we love one another. We\'ve been through so much together, both good and bad times, and i just know we\'ll grow old together. I think another best thing about having close girlfriends is giving each other nicknames, so much fun! Ours are Paris and Tinky

I luv dis <3 totally ageee with u, Gillian. The bond of friendship is much more stronger than the bond of love :)

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