7 Ways to Hold on to Summer as Winter Approaches ...

By Kelly

7 Ways to Hold on to Summer as Winter Approaches ...

As much as I love fall and winter, I always look for new ways to hold on to summer as it gets colder. Summer is such a special season filled with sun, sand, and tons of relaxation. It is nice to have that summer feel all year round, and with these ways to hold on to summer, you get to enjoy summer no matter how cold it is outside.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Playlist
  2. 2. Home Décor
  3. 3. Clothes
  4. 4. Vacation
  5. 5. Food
  6. 6. Relax
  7. 7. Self Tan

1 Playlist

The right playlist can change your entire outlook in life and is one of the many great ways to hold on to summer. Most people change their favorite songs up depending on the changing season, so it makes sense that to stay in that summer mood, you have to keep your summer playlist. Songs like “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” were hits this summer, so you can always keep listening to those. But if you really want to stay in that summery mood you know and love, try listening to songs like “Where the Boat Leaves From” or “Round Here” to get that real summer feel.

2 Home Décor

As the leaves change, most people put up a few new decorations around the house to keep up with the new season. Pumpkins and witches for Halloween; new scented candles that smell like falling leaves; even some Thanksgiving themed décor. But a great way to never lose the feel of summer is to never change up your decorations. Keep brighter and lighter colors around the house. Pastels are a great reminder of summer. And put up tons of pictures of your family’s summer vacation to the beach. The seasons might have to be changing outside, but inside, it is always summer.

3 Clothes

You can’t exactly go running around in a bathing suit and cutoffs when it gets to be 40 degrees, but you can incorporate your summer wardrobe into fall. Pair your favorite sun dresses with tights, boots, and a jacket and you are cozy and cute for fall. It is so easy to rock your summer staples if you just layer them together. You will look fall-approved but feel like it is still sunny and 75 outside.

4 Vacation

If you need a break from the cold and are planning your next family vacation, skip the trip to the ski resort and head to somewhere tropical instead. Nothing will give you that summer feel like relaxing on a beach with a fruity drink in your hand. It might not be the easiest way to hold onto summer, but it is definitely the most relaxing and memorable.

5 Food

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin, but I also love watermelon, fruity salads, and BBQs that are so typical of summer. It is always a good idea to eat fruits and veggies that are in season, but if you want to hold into summer as long as possible, eat the foods that remind you of summer. Watermelon and berries are so typical of summer, and who can forget those delicious ribs that we indulge in every Fourth of July?

6 Relax

Summer means a season of relaxation and forgetting your worries. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could hold onto that all year round? Just because it is fall or winter doesn’t mean you have to become stressed out with work and daily life. Take some time during your day every day to do something relaxing you would have done during the summer. Enjoy a nice glass of lemonade or sit around reading a nice summer book. It may not feel like summer temperature wise, but you will still be just as relaxed.

7 Self Tan

Nobody likes being paler as winter approached, but nobody wants the harmful UV rays that come with a tanning booth. The best compromise is using a self tanner. Being tan is most people's favorite thing about summer and being able to keep that tan all year round sounds quite appealing. My personal favorite is Jergens gradual tanner because it isn’t streaky and doesn’t smell terrible. But everyone has his or her own opinion on what is best. Apply the tanner after your shower every day and you will start to see that summer glow you love all year round.

No matter what your favorite thing about summer is, everyone loves it. Regardless of how much you love other seasons, it is always nice to hold on to summer. What did you think of these ways to hold on to summer? What are some other ways to hold on to summer? Do you think you would enjoy holding on to summer or do you like to embrace the changing season full force?

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