10 Ways to De-stress after Work ...

After a long day at the office, I often find myself in need of ways to de-stress after work. Especially at the moment – it may be nearly April, but here in London, the days are as gloomy and dark as they were in mid-January. So, in the hope of cheering myself up, here are some of my ways to de-stress after work.

1. Read!

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One of my favourite ways to de-stress after work is getting stuck into a good book. After ten minutes or so of reading, the noise of the train and the bustle of the other disgruntled passengers has all but disappeared.

2. Take a (VERY) Long Shower

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By the time I’ve battled my way through rush hour and walked home in the arctic conditions, I am freezing, and not in the best of moods. A very long, and very warm, shower is the only way I can unwind. With a glass of wine, obviously.

3. Switch off

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I understand that this isn’t always possible, but after staring at a computer screen all day, the last thing I want to do when I finish work is spend my evening alternating between my laptop, my phone and my iPad. If you can, try switching off from technology – at least give Twitter and Facebook a break.

4. Pilates/Yoga

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Exercise is always a great way to burn off some steam, but you may not feel like a body attack session after a tiring day at work. Try a more relaxing, toning session. It will help you de-stress and help towards your bikini body!

5. Take Regular Breaks

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It will be easier to unwind after work if you remember to take regular breaks during the day. Every hour or so, take five minutes to get up, walk around, make a drink. Just give yourself a break from the computer screen.

6. Fresh Air

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For the majority of us, we probably spend most of our days inside. Even if it’s looking unappealing out there, try to spend at least some time outside every day. We all need some fresh air after being cooped up all day!

7. Play with the Kids

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If you’re a parent, spend some time relaxing and playing with your kids after work. They’ll love it, but it’ll be great for you. Chances are, you miss them whilst you’re working, so take some time to forget about all that stuff and just focus on being together.

8. Treat Yourself

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It may be easier, but try not to get home and stick a ready meal in the microwave. Cook something you’ll actually enjoy eating, something that will give you enough energy to face the next day!

9. Listen to Music

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Find somewhere comfortable, dim the lighting and lose yourself in your favourite music. Try to empty your mind of everything else by just focusing on the sound.

10. A Good Night’s Sleep

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Nothing can be better than a long, deep night’s sleep. I try to get at least eight hours sleep a night. If I go to bed at a reasonable time and manage to sleep, I feel fresher, more energetic and a lot sharper at work the next day.

Of course, nothing would be more relaxing than a nice, long holiday somewhere warm. Preferably on a beach. Personally, I’ve been looking forward to my summer holiday since last October! The most important thing for me is just having some time at the end of the day for myself, even if it’s just an hour. Happy relaxing! What do you do to wind down after work?

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