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7 Very Useful Tips on How to Negotiate a Higher Salary ...

By Corina

Sometimes even learning how to negotiate a higher salary can be a pretty difficult process. By asking for a raise, you want to earn the amount of money you feel like you deserve and at the same time, you don’t want to offend your superiors. This can also be a pretty tricky situation now days, since everyone is confronted with all kinds of financial problems. You shouldn’t worry though, because it’s actually not that hard to learn how to negotiate a higher salary, you just need a little practice and to pay attention to these next few tips:

1 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Higher Salary!

One of the first steps you should take if you want to learn how to negotiate a higher salary is to try to overcome any reticence you might have about asking for a raise. Don’t be afraid of negotiating! So, what if you won’t succeed in obtaining a higher salary this time; at least you’ve tried and you did your best. If you really want something, go get it and don’t let any obstacles get in the way of fulfilling your dream and in this case, your needs!

2 Do Your Research

The next important step you should take if you want to obtain a higher salary is of course, doing your research on this matter. You could visit websites like, or to gather information about the salary guides and to look into how much money other companies pay people in your position. Yet, despite what you find out, try to ask for a reasonable figure especially if the difference is quite considerable between what you currently earn and the amount of money other employees from different companies make, even if they have the same responsibilities as you do.

3 Practice

If you’re still afraid of talking to your superiors and asking for a raise, don’t give up and think you’ll never be able to do it. Practice a lot! Just imagine how that situation would be and think about what you would say and how you would react to different responses from your bosses. Try standing in front of a mirror and just verbalize your thoughts. You can also ask your friends or family members to help you and do some role-playing. You see that in time, your worries will disappear and you’ll feel more prepared to start negotiating your salary.

4 Start with a Figure Higher than What You Really Want

Before starting to negotiate in order to obtain a higher amount of money for the wonderful work that you do, carefully think things through and know how much money you are willing to accept, and you should especially decide on the lowest salary you are willing to take from your employers. Then, you should start your negotiations with a figure a bit higher than what you really want, so you’ll give your bosses the satisfaction that they’ve also gained something and here, I’m talking about win-win compromises.

5 Be Reasonable

Another thing you should always keep in mind when you’re trying to negotiate a higher salary is that you should always try to be reasonable and never be too greedy. Try not to ask for an enormous amount of money if you know your company doesn’t have the financial means to offer you that. Try to be realistic and have reasonable demands, so you’ll be able to really obtain something as a result of your negotiations.

6 Your Employer Might Need Some Time to Analyze Your Demands

You shouldn’t be surprised if your employer will need some time to carefully analyze your demands because most of the time, they don’t make these decision on their own. They might also ask you if you would be willing to continue your negotiations, so that you’ll both be able to make the best compromises. Even if they won’t be able to offer you a higher amount of money, maybe they’ll give you other benefits such as more paid vacation days, a better parking spot or even a larger office.

7 Be Prepared to Take No for an Answer

When you start negotiating for a higher salary, you should always be prepared for anything, even to take no for an answer. If this thing happens, try not to take it personally; after all, it’s only business and you are not your salary. End your negotiations on a positive note, no matter what answer you receive form your employers. Whether or not you’ve been successful this time, keep on trying and never give up on fulfilling your goal.

Negotiating your salary might sometimes be a pretty scary process but I hope my tips will help you and you’ll find the courage to do something about it and ask for the amount of money you truly deserve for your hard work. Have you ever negotiated your salary? How did you do it? Do you have any other advice you could give us on this matter? Please let us know!

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