7 Toiletries to Buy Online Instead of in Stores ...

Most of us don’t think about shopping online when it comes to toiletries, but there are actually some great deals for toiletries to buy online you might want to consider. This is actually a new topic to me, and I’ll be honest- it’s one I’ve never thought of before now. Yet, I’ve found that you can save fairly large amounts on name brand toiletries online, have them shipped to your door, and best of all, you save as much as 25% or more plus get free shipping through most online retailers. Before you put your everyday toiletry items in your buggies at the store from now on, be sure you check out these toiletries to buy online first. Not only will you save money, but also time coupon clipping, making a shopping list, and going to the store. Oh, and best of all, it comes straight to your door so you can unload it and be on your merry way!

1. Toilet Paper

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We all need this everyday toiletry, and lucky for us, it’s one of the best toiletries to buy online. Toilet paper is available online through Amazon.com, and you can get around 20-25 rolls of most all name brands for under $15. A recent example I saw lately was Scott toilet paper for $12.50 for 25 rolls. If you sign up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom, you get free 2 day shipping on any order over $25. One day shipping is only $3.99 per item as well. If you don’t sign up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom, then you can still get free shipping, it just takes a bit longer. Prices change on Amazon, but I’ve been buying toilet paper online for months and never seen it go above $17 at the highest for 25 rolls. In stores, you’d pay at least $25 or more for that many rolls of a name brand.

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