10 Tips on How to Deal with Awkward Social Situations ...


Have you been caught up in awkward social situations before and wasn’t quite sure how to handle it? There isn’t exactly a handbook on how to finesse your way out of sticky social situations and manic mishaps so I rounded up 10 great tips on how to deal with awkward social situations so that you’ll know exactly what to do the next time you’re out and about!

1. You Can’t Remember Someone’s Name

We’ve all been in those awkward social situations where we can’t quite recall an acquaintance’s name and it can lead to a long, awkward silence. The best thing to do is to confess your social faux-pas and try your best to associate their name with something that reminds you of them. We all have brain farts sometimes and most people shouldn’t take the mishap personally!

Someone Spills a Drink on You
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