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Pet Sitter companies aren't for everyone, but if you're looking for a professional company to come and take care of your pooches for a weekend, you should know what to look out for! I own two dogs and they are my life. The one time that I left them with a pet sitter through a company, they got walked twice a day, fed twice a day and were given all of the love in the world. It was almost as if I was there the whole time! Being a pet sitter takes a special person who loves animals and below, I'm going to explore the top 8 tips on choosing the right pet sitting company to watch your puppies while you're gone!

1. Check the Company's References

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Like I said, choosing the right pet sitter isn't always easy and it's not for everyone, but if you're looking into a pet sitter, you want to check the company's references before you hire them. That way you'll be able to read up on the company from actual customers to find out about their experiences. You also want to make sure to read through some customer testimonies. Yelp is a great place to read up on a company and those customers will give you the good, the bad and the ugly!

2. Do Your Research

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This goes hand-in-hand with checking the company's references. Once you've done that, why not read up on the company itself? I know when I had my pet sitter come, I read the mission statement and all about how the company got started. It really gave me a sense of reassurance and I trusted the sitter before I even knew her!

3. Interview with Sitter

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As with a child's sitter, with a sitter for your pet, you want to have an interview with them. I had mine in my home, with my two dogs present. That way you can get a sense of how the sitter is going to interact with your dogs and how they react to the sitter. Mine loved the sitter on sight!

4. Explain How You'd like Your Pet Cared for

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Everyone has a different way that they care for their pet. A lot of people have specific feeding times, specific play times, when they take them for walks. For me, I just am happy as long as you pet them a lot and play with them. If you're getting a sitter for your pet, make sure you leave a detailed list of how you want your pet cared for – it'll help in the long run!

5. Ask about Backup Plan

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Let's say that the sitter that you've interviewed is sick on the day that you need them, how does the company handle that? That's a question that you should ask before you commit to just one pet sitting company. You want to know what type of backup plans they have in place, that way you can always be sure that you have a plan in place!

6. Ensure Sitter is Fully Bonded/Secure

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Just like any housekeeper or even babysitter, a sitter for your pet should be fully bonded and should be a secured sitter. What that means is that they have signed a contract with their company that they are trust-worthy. This is super important ladies, you don't want someone in your house that isn't trust-worthy!

7. Find a Connection

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Your pets and you have a connection right? If you're looking for a sitter, you want to make sure that they have that same connection with whoever is going to be watching them. That's why an interview with your pets is important!

8. Ask about Prices

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Finally, prices are important too. You want to find a company that's going to fit into your budget, but that is also credible too. When you're doing your research, just ask about the prices. That way you can also compare prices!

Choosing a fabulous pet sitter for your pooches is important, especially if you're as obsessed with your dogs as I am. Just remember some of these tips and in no time at all, you'll find the pet sitter of your dreams! So ladies, did I forget anything? What types of dogs do you have?

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