3. Disappointment

When you turn 20 it can seem like the world is yours and like all of your lofty plans are going to happen just as you think they will. The unfortunate truth is that things won’t happen exactly as you won’t them too, which sometimes is a good thing, but it can also lead to disappointment.

In the course of your life you will experience many disappointments, but the disappointments you experience in your 20s can hit a little deeper than they did when you were younger. For instance, I always thought I would be living in my own home in my late 20s, but that hasn’t happened. I have learned to accept it, but it is still a disappointment. I don’t mean to be depressing; however, I have to be honest and say that disappointments will happen. What I have learned is it is what you do with the disappointment that really matters. In my cases, I am choosing to appreciate being able to live with people I enjoy being around.

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