7 Telltale Signs You Need to Clean out Your Closet ...

Next time you’re unloading the fresh laundry and reaching for a pile of hangers, take a minute to consider the benefits of dedicating some time to clean out your closet. For some women, going through the wardrobe is a seasonal occurrence. For other women, cleaning out the closet is like Halley’s Comet. It might just take about 75 years for Earth to catch it happening. But try as you might, you just don’t have infinite space for all of your fashion-forward clothing, and if any of these tell-tale signs hold true, it’s definitely time to clean out your closet.

1. Those Pesky Closet Doors Just Won’t Close

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You can blame it on the pile of handbags on the floor or the ever-growing collection of cardigans in the corner. But no amount of brute force can get those doors to close properly if there’s an overstuffed closet behind them. An overcrowded wardrobe that keeps the door ajar is the like the proverbial monster in the closet for grown women. So slay the beast and clean out your closet now, before someone loses a finger trying to force the doors against their will.

2. You Have More Pairs of Denim than You do Underwear

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Don’t get me wrong. I love jeans. Whenever possible, I live in jeans. Dress them up. Dress them down. Denim is the way to go. But denim can take up a considerable amount of closet space. If you have more pairs of denim than you know what to do with, you might be holding onto more than what you need. Are you really going to wear those ill-fitting acid wash jeans that could pass for your mother’s pants...in the 1980s? Let them go, ladies. Let them go.

3. The Little Black Dress Has Become Really Little

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Okay. It’s confession time. Ya know those tiny tags on your shirts and skirts that provide the cleaning instructions? I ignore them sometimes. I know. I’m ashamed to admit it. Cold water only? Permanent press? These sound like mere suggestions to me. Most of the time, putting a single mixed-load into the wash is not a problem. But every once in a while, it’s a poor judgment on my part to go against that tag’s advice, and what I end up with is a distorted, teeny tiny version of the original. It’s sad, but it happens. But I’ll tell you what’s sadder still: allowing an otherwise useful closet to be occupied by an army of shrunken tees and wonky dresses. It’s time to learn our laundry lessons the hard way and send those shrunken garments packing.

4. You Can Never Find Anything when You Need It

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Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that somewhere in your closet lies the perfect outfit and you’re not able to find it. Don’t run late for your date or social gathering from tearing your closet apart, and don’t settle for your Plan B outfit either. Taking some time to purge the excess will make room in your closet for what you love when you want to look your very best.

5. Dust Bunnies Are Attacking Your Best Clothes

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Sometimes getting rid of the old clothing isn’t enough to get your closet clean. Sometimes you have to also clean it, literally. This means taking out the piles of hangers, the belts, the shoes and whatever else you have stashed in there to give the inside of your closet a good dusting. Clean out the cobwebs in the back corners and vacuum the carpet. But word to the wise: Let it air out in there before returning your beloved garments. You really don’t want your best wares smelling like lemon Pledge, do you?

6. There’s an Unidentified Heap on the Floor

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The tunics that never quite sit on the hanger, last year’s collection of hobo bags and ankle boots--these are all likely culprits on your closet floor. It’s not a pretty sight. And it’s obviously not very functional. Try to keep your closet pile-free and you’ll find it’s much more organized and easy to access.

7. You Seriously Still Have Your Prom Dress Hanging in the Corner

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I’m all about nostalgia, but take a picture. Heck, even try it on if you can. But let it go. There will never be a reason to wear that again in your lifetime. I’m sure it was a night to remember and that you looked just lovely, but the memories aren’t in the material of the dress. They’re in your mind and in your heart. It’s time to dance the last dance in your old prom dress and then say goodbye.

So if you fit any or all of these criteria, your closet is in need of some attention. Maybe you could try organizing by season. Maybe you’re more color coordinated. Just get rid of the excess and love the rest by keeping it neat. You’ll look fabulous and you’ll spend a lot less time doing it. How can you tell when it’s time to clean out your closet, ladies?

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