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7 Superb Reasons to Never Stop Learning ...

By Jessica

As we grow up, we're always learning while being in school, and some of us don't realize the important reasons to never stop learning once school is over. After college, a lot of people don't ever pick up a book again! The drive just isn't there at times to continue to learn when it's out of pleasure instead of being motivated by career goals. However, there are many sound reasons to never stop learning that are beneficial for your life overall. I hope the ones I've listed will inspire and motivate you to keep on learning!

1 Keeps the Mind Young

Continuously learning is important in keeping the mind active, alert and healthy. Studies have shown that continued learning decreases the risk of Alzheimer's Disease! This is one of the key reasons to never stop learning in my opinion. Read the newspaper, blogs, books, take a class, etc. Be a perpetual student but in a good way!

2 Prevents Boredom

When you're in college, you're basically never bored because of all the information you're required to absorb and then reproduce. Learning something new, or refreshing your memory on a topic you already know about, prevents you from getting bored with the same old thing everyday! And as much as we like to make excuses about not having any extra time, we really do. There's always time for priorities and what's important to us.


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3 Refreshes Your College Degree

Often times, career jobs require you to renew your degree and certifications every so often. I find it exciting because then you're always on top of what's current in your field, making you always qualified and prepared. While at times this is a requirement, I think it's a good idea to take refresher courses now and again to keep yourself knowledgeable and up to date. I've definitely thought about taking a college course locally just to keep my memory of the information I learned alive!

4 It's Fun

Simply put, learning is just fun! It's not so fun when it's a struggle to comprehend something, but when it clicks, you feel so accomplished and intelligent! It's also so productive and time that's never ever wasted. Education is an investment in your life - it will always be beneficial to learn more.

5 Adds More Depth to Your Life

To be a well-rounded person, you must be knowledgeable about certain topics! Politics, history and geography are always topics that get passed around in daily life. Although these were my least favorite topics in school, I'm finding them to be more recognizable as socially important. These are the areas I try to learn more about! Whatever you're interested in, start there and just keep reading and learning.

6 Ability to Understand Increases

Like I mentioned in the first point, learning keeps your mind young and sharp. It wires your brain to comprehend things more readily, which is so helpful! It paves the way for you to keep on learning throughout your entire life. Your words even become more fluent and graceful.

7 More Vibrant Conversations

Conversations have much more depth when both parties can contribute based on knowledge and intelligence. Your relationships are stronger as well because there's a deeper intellectual connection that's been formed through rich conversation! An added bonus of continual learning is staying fresh on current topics.

Have you found life to be less interesting once college was over? I think your solution is to read more and invest in broadening your knowledge of the world! What are some of your ways that you love to keep your learning alive?


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