7 Reasons Why It Was Awesome Growing up in the '90s ...

When I look at kids around the age of three to ten, I sometimes feel sad for them because they will never know what it’s like growing up in the '90s. Although there are definite perks to their childhood, in my opinion no time period was better to grow up in than in the '90s. It was almost like the middle ground between the time when things were way too old school and the time when everything just got too modern. If you are still not sure what I am talking about, here are 7 reasons why growing up in the '90s was amazing!

1. Technologies Didn’t Rule Our Childhood

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Although technology is a step forward for our society , it prevents children from experiencing life without it. It’s interesting that children today all know how to work with a computer, phone or iPad, when children in the early '90s didn’t even know what those things were! We had to rely solely on our imagination and toys for entertainment! Technology didn’t control our lives while growing up in the '90s and in a way it was a blessing, because we got to explore things ourselves.

2. Best Shows

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I won’t deny that television today is great, but I can’t help with being biased and believing that television back then was even better! Who remembers Rugrats, Power Rangers, Pokémon, Hey Arnold, Catdog?! If you just read that and smiled, you know what I am talking about. It was just basic cable but it was completely epic!

3. Passing Notes in Class

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Sadly, I’ve noticed the unfortunate transition of passing notes in class to texting in class. There is no more folding notes and trying to pass it behind the teacher's back, there is no more of that exhilarating excitement! On top of that, there is no more letter writing; the only things we use mail for are for promotions and bills!

4. Tamagotchi

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The closest thing that we had to technology was our Tamagotchi, but boy was it fun! We all loved those little digital pets on a key chain that wouldn’t let us sleep at night. What’s interesting now is that Tamagotchi made a comeback, but only as an app.

5. Communication in Person

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Who remembers face-to-face contact anymore? Back then if you wanted to get a hold of someone without using your home phone, you would probably have to go all the way to their house. Meeting up with people was only possible if you had a human pick up train, one person picks up another at their house, those two go pick up another person and so on and so forth. It was laborious, but there was never a miscommunication!


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Playing with a pen and paper and predicating your ‘future’ has never been as fun as it was when playing MASH. I remember the fun in it was getting the most ridiculous possible outcomes as your predicted future. The game was universally known all over the world and everyone was into it!

7. Best Playtime

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Back then toys were very basic and most of the time kids had to use their imaginations and invent toys themselves. However none of that really mattered because we would find other ways of entertainment, such as hide-and-seek, cat’s cradle, red rover, jump rope, etc. It was almost more fun than you would have playing video games!

Growing up in the '90s was amazing, games were fun, communication was in person, television was at its peak, but of course I may be biased. What were your favorite things about growing up during the time period that you did? Let’s reminisce in the comments!

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