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5 Awesome Reasons to Buy Car Accessories ...

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“Get in loser we’re going shopping — for car accessories!” Okay, this shopping spree may not make you feel as fabulous as Regina George in the movie Mean Girls, but they sure will help you ride in style.

There’s no need to worry for all of you who hate shopping because car shopping doesn’t mean getting dragged from store to store or even having to get in the car.

Car accessories aren’t all fuzzy dice and scented candles. There is so much more in the world of car accessories, and if you’re still asking yourself, “What is a vehicle recovery system?” chances are you need to do more research.

Don’t dismiss or overlook accessories simply because of their category or because the dealer didn’t offer them. Whether you love shopping or hate it, to be a responsible driver, there are many reasons why you should be knowledgeable about what’s best for you and your car.

Driving Takes Energy
Anything can happen while you’re on the road, which is why it is essential to stay on your game when you’re behind the wheel. This means doing what you should do before and after getting in the car.

Some of the most significant contributors to the 6 million car accidents that happen annually, nation-wide are distracted driving, driving while under an influence, blindspots, driving drowsy, and speeding.

Thankfully, car accessories are designed to help us refrain from these bad driving habits, which brings us to reason number uno ...

1 Car Accessories Can save You from Yourself

We all make mistakes, and we all have misjudged a situation or even our abilities. It’s what makes us human, but unfortunately, what makes us human is what also makes us fragile.

It is possible to combine both style and safety, and here is a list of a few accessories that can help keep you safe while on the road:

- Cupfone – A simple concept turned into a life-saving design by Weather-Tech. To keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, Cupfone is a phone holder made to fit in the cup holder of your console. Now, for only $34.95, you don’t have to lose service or control of your vehicle.

- Car seat organizers – Dropping your phone and other objects while driving is dangerous. These not only help you keep your car clean but also keep you from getting distracted from the road. The price range is typically between $19-$40.

- Car hooks – Don’t get distracted by your purse or food flying around. Car hooks are cheap and easy to install little accessories that make a huge impact.

- Blind-spot mirrors – Those hard-to-see spots can be dangerous. These mirrors are easy to attach and help you see everything on the road.

- Drowsy alarm – We all need a tap on the shoulder sometimes and this device is exactly that. There are ones that strap on your ear or arm and alert you when you start falling asleep. Find what’s most comfortable for you, and use it anytime you feel tired while driving to ensure your safety.

2 Car Accessories Beneficial for Health

So what about after you park? A lot of driving is hard on your heart, your back, and overall physical health. Reason number two for why car accessories serve multiple purposes is finding the right tools to relieve physical strain, and help keep you from needing costly driving hangover cures like chiropractic care .

Driving takes a toll on our bodies, but there are various car accessory products made to relieve the strains before you feel the negative effects. Try out a few of these items to see how they affect your time spent in your vehicle.

- Oil diffusers and air purifiers – Oils, in general, are good for your health, so why not breathe in the benefits while driving?

- Back support and cushions – Treat your spine as you drive. We hold an abundant amount of stress in our lower back and pelvis, which only gets irritated when sitting for an extended time. Relieve that tension each time you drive by adding an upgrade to your driver’s seat.

- Lanmodo Vast – A higher-priced accessory sitting at a price shy of $500, this device is worth it. Suppose you have night blindness or live in a city with harsh weather; this accessory will take away some driving anxiety. Clip it onto your dash or rearview mirror, and it shows you the road in a high resolution. making it easier to see at night.

Driving shouldn’t be an activity that you dread because you know you won’t feel good after. These tools will help keep you driving healthy and safely.

3 Car Accessories That Protect Your Wallet

Vehicles are an investment that can either help or hinder your finances. If you don’t already make time for vehicle upkeep then making car care a part of your lifestyle will be sure to help you save more and spend less on auto care in the future. By taking care of your car, you invest in your financial future and protect the resale or turn-in value.

We use our cars to help advance our careers, keep our family safe, and to get us to all of the important things in our lives. In return for all of the wear and tear, we have to protect our vehicle. Here is a list of car accessories that help keep the value of your car:

- Car garbage can – Keeping your car clean is just as important as getting an oil change.

- Dash cam – Can help in the event of an accident or even a robbery.

- Console vaults – Keep your valuables safe by installing one of these.

- Mats – Paying for carpet stain removal services can get pricey, and the wear will diminish your car’s value. Avoid having these issues by using washable floor mats.

4 Car Accessories for Safety

On average, more than 3,500 people lose their lives on the road every year. Having a few items dedicated to your safety in the case of an emergency is simply wise practice. To get your safety kit started, type some of these items into your Amazon search.

- Portable jump starter – Getting stuck on the side of the road sucks. A portable jump starter will help you get the jump you need to get somewhere safe and hopefully where a mechanic can fix what’s wrong with your car.

- A smart car adaptor – This little tool plugs straight into your dash. A smart adaptor alerts you of engine problems, can be used to call for help if you’re in an accident, and even help you find where you’ve parked.

- Stinger – Everyone should make sure they have at least one in their car. In case you find yourself trapped in your vehicle, these little tools help you shatter windows for a safe exit.

- Emergency kit – We hear this often, and most of us see the benefits of having one, yet most of us don’t put the time into making our own emergency kit. Luckily there are packages online that come with all of the essentials. Just do it.

5 Car Accessories That Make You Feel Good

You don’t need to be driving a luxury car to feel like a boss. Confidence on the road does aid in making you a more attentive driver while on the road.

Don’t get down if your car doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles. Instead, look into purchasing a few of these items instead:

- Car Bluetooth – With a variety of models, you have options in placement and function.

- Backup camera – Is your mind blown? Because mine is. If your car doesn’t have this built in, you can buy one that attaches to your license plate and turns your smartphone into a reverse camera.

- LED cupholders – They look cool. Light up your life and enjoy the vibe.

- Wheel covers and bling – Making something uniquely you has never hurt. Your spaces should make you feel good and safe.

So deck out your car any way you like.

You Are the Accessories You Use

Are you a safe and informed, responsible driver? Cars don’t always come with everything we need. In fact, none really do unless you pay high custom-built dealership prices.

Skip the lines and the hassle by only getting the accessories that serve your purpose. Enhance your driving experience and improve the safety of you and your family.

About Author:
Danielle Beck-Hunter writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, Danielle has been a driver since 15 and hopes learning of some of these tools helps someone drive safer every time they hit the gas.

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