7 Old Wives Tales You Don't Want to Be Taking Seriously ...


Old wives tales are a great source of fun, although some may leave you second guessing your decision to laugh and wonderimg if you should have shaken your head instead. Some are weird, some are plain nasty and some are even dangerous! Have you been introduced to an old wives tale before? Well here are seven that are going to make your head spin.

1. Greasy Foods and Chocolate Cause Skin Problems

They might make you gain a few pounds but they certainly won’t do anything to make your existing acne problem even worse! And they won’t make your face break out or actually cause an acne problem where there is none! Furthermore, dark chocolate is actually very good for skin and greasy food…well, although that’s not something you’d want to indulge in on daily basis, eating it once in a while won’t make your face looks like a Twister sheet! The funniest thing may easily be the fact that this is one of those old wives tales that’s very popular even nowadays!

Frogs and Eggs Could Give Your Warts
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