7 Natural Old Fashioned Remedies That Your Grandma Swears by ...

There are some great natural old fashioned remedies that your grandma swears by. Ok, I can't speak for all grandmas out there, just mine. But it's not just our beloved grandmas who swear by these remedies. We all seem to be turning to more natural solutions to cure ailments and offer solutions to every day scrapes and strains. There are so many things around the home that can help with a variety of things, so here are just a few old fashioned remedies that I have used and found to be effective.

1. Whoops!

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Whether they're silent but violent or loud and proud, this affects us all from time to time. And it's embarrassing but one of those facts of life I'm afraid. Flatulence can often be avoided by a simple case of food combining, as the gas is sometimes caused by foods fermenting and reacting in the gut. Beans are also often a culprit but one way of avoiding the 'botty coughs' (as my friend used to call them) is to soak dried beans overnight, the night before you're going to cook them. Another one of the old fashioned remedies that has been passed down the generation line, is to cook a carrot with the beans as this also eliminates the gas.

2. Stinky Feet

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Athlete's foot is another embarrassing and uncomfortable affliction. Put simply, it's the warm and comfortable environment of the shoes which helps the bad bacteria and fungus to multiply. So when you can, go barefoot! Obviously, this isn't always practical, especially in the colder months, so another way to avoid the multiplication of the pesky bacteria is to put cider vinegar in your shoes as this is a natural antiseptic. Sodium bicarbonate also works. Just sprinkle some in your shoes and socks.

3. Hangovers

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Now we're getting closer to "the season to be jolly, tra la la la la la ... *pounding head*, there are some simple ways to avoid that painful morning after the night before. One simple rule I have been taught is to avoid mixing the 'grape and grain' (wine and spirits) but if you're past that point then be sure to rehydrate and have a good hearty breakfast consisting of eggs, as this can help break down those nasty toxins in the system.

4. Sore Throat

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The colder months unfortunately mean that we're more susceptible to colds and viruses. One way to treat a nasty sore throat, is to mix 1 part honey to 1 part cider vinegar and to take 1 teaspoonful of this four times a day. You could also try a hot toddy, which is a mixture of honey, whisky (vodka works just as well) and lemon juice in equal measure heated up in a saucepan.

5. Mouth Ulcers

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We're all been there. Our immune system has taken a battering and our mouth is evidence of the fact that we just need to slow right down. In the event of the nasty mouth ulcer, I have found plain live yoghurt to be particularly effective. Another remedy is a a cooled wet teabag which you apply to the ulcer and leave for a few minutes.

6. Bad Breath

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There are some great natural remedies for bad breath. Try chewing parsley after eating. Another natural remedy is to suck on a clove or cardamon seeds. Cardamon seeds are also an aphrodisiac! If it's an ongoing issue however, it's something you should check with your dentist or hygienist as there may be an underlying problem which needs attention.

7. Nettle Stings

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I used to frequently get stung by nettles when I would go to my grandparents' allotment to help with the vegetable picking. One way to sooth the sting is to apply an alkaline product to the area such as celery or cucumber. Then, and this is a little gross, spit on the affected area and rub it in with a clean tissue. This will temporarily relieve the pain.

Home remedies are sometimes more effective that pharmacy medicines. After all, that's what people used before the pharmacy came along! Which home remedies do you find useful? Has anyone heard of the ones above and found them useful too?

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