6 Great Guerrilla Gardening Sites ...

Guerrilla gardening sites show you how you can combine activism and gardening. I'm sure there are bald spots of land in your city that could use a touch of flora. You can do something with that bald spot by being inspired by these amazing guerrilla gardening blogs. With information and inspiration gathered from these guerrilla gardening blogs and sites, our little spaces on Earth will become even more beautiful. Get stoked!

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We cannot make a list of** guerrilla gardening sites** without including this one, of course. This is the ultimate source of all thing guerrilla gardening. Its "main branch" is in London but this blog will also show you green activism happening all over the world. With photos from Italy, USA, and other countries with enthusiastic guerrilla gardeners, this site will surely inspire. This is also a fantastic resource of just about anything you need to know about starting a guerrilla gardening group in your very own city.

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