7 Gorgeous Decorative Must-Haves for Every Home ...

Without a few decorative must-haves, life at home would be pretty drab. But don’t worry. You don’t need a special knowledge of interior design to find a little flare for decorating. With these 7 affordable decorative must-haves, you’ll be inspired to spruce up your space with a style all of your own.

1. Carolina Vases from Pottery Barn

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These vases from Pottery Barn are definitely decorative must-haves and just aged to perfection. Well, at least they appear aged. The crafted heirloom quality and patina on these otherwise creamy white vases can be the focal point of any living area. Add even the simplest selection of wild flowers and these vases will bring a country home vibe to even the most streetwise urban dweller’s abode.

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