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7 Fool-proof Ways to Get a Promotion ...

By Artti

In a competitive world, it’s difficult to know ways to get a promotion. There’s definitely a lot of work that needs to be done beforehand, but it’s all important because it helps you to get noticed by your bosses. Promotions come very far and in between so it’s important to take the opportunity when you can. If the opportunity ever presents itself, here are a few ways to get a promotion!

Table of contents:

  1. Have pride
  2. Dress the part
  3. Watch your humour
  4. Stay professional
  5. Someone is always watching
  6. Be a know-it-all
  7. Don’t complain

1 Have Pride

One of the ways to get a promotion is to take pride in your work – with that being said, don’t be too boastful as others will take it as bragging. But definitely let your managers know of your accomplishments and what you did to achieve them. Your enthusiasm for success will impress your bosses.

2 Dress the Part

When you go for an interview they say you shouldn’t dress for the position you’re applying for, but for a position several tiers higher. The same rule should be applied even after you’ve gotten the job. If you want to show your superiors that your manager material, you need to dress and look like a manager.

3 Watch Your Humour

Everyone loves the "class clown," but being the stand-up comedian at work also has its downfall. It’s impossible to always have work-friendly humour, so think before you speak. Some of your comments could be taken as unprofessional.

4 Stay Professional

It’s always a bonus when you love the people you work with and create new friendships with your co-workers. However, becoming friends can lead to unprofessional moments at work. So remember: At home you can be friends with your co-workers but at work you should only be friendly with them... there is a difference.

5 Someone is Always Watching

Like George Orwell’s 1984, there’s always a pair of eyes on you! Not to creep you out, but if you really think about it you’re almost always surrounded by someone at work... even when you’re on your break. So be the utmost professional at all times and never take shortcuts or cheat.

6 Be a Know-it-all

When I say "be a know-it-all," I don’t mean it literally. However, when you show your superiors that you know what your job requires of you, what expectations you’re being held to, how to exceed expectations and how to problem solve, people will take notice. Managers are always looking for competent employees who are capable and knowledgeable.

7 Don’t Complain

If you’re looking to be promoted at work, it’s not only because you want a pay raise but it’s also because you want more responsibilities. So when your superiors start giving you more responsibilities over time, don’t complain because this is your time to show your bosses that you not only can handle the workload but you enjoy it as well. If you can prove that you work well under pressure, you will appear more qualified for a promotion.

Promotions can be difficult to get because many of your co-workers can be just as qualified. Even worse, your bosses may decide to hire from outside the company, filling the position you were after. Even if you don’t get the promotion, don’t let it damage your work morale. Instead, keep up the great work and always stay at the forefront of your bosses' minds – the next promotion might be yours! What have you done in the past to make sure you got the promotion at work?

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