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7 Extremely Important Facts about Introverts ...

By Corina

There are a lot of facts about introverts you probably don’t know, especially if you are an extrovert. Sadly, the term “introvert” has a lot of negative connotations. Introvert individuals are often portrayed as being anti-social, friendless, the buzzkill of all the parties they’re invited to or even accused of hating people. Well, actually none of this is true. There are too many misconceptions about introverts nowadays, especially since “the Western culture deifies extroversion as the social norm”. I know that most people consider introverts to be a real enigma that can’t easily be solved, but the truth is that it’s not that hard to understand them, no matter how different they are from you. Just read on and discover some extremely important facts about introverts that will help you better understand them.

1 They Recharge by Being Alone

One of the most important facts about introverts everyone should know is the fact that they recharge by being alone. They don’t hate people or social gatherings but, once in a while, they need some alone time to charge up again. They don’t mean to be rude by declining your invitation to go out, they just require a little “me time”, so they can feel better again. While, extroverts recharge by being around other people because they feel drained by being alone for too long, introverts are exactly the opposite and they prefer solitude sometimes.

2 Silence is Okay

Most introverts do not hate small talk; they just think that it puts a barrier between people because they don’t have the chance of getting to know each other better. So, if you notice an introvert being alone or simply being silent, that doesn’t mean there's something wrong with them or that you did something that upset them. They just like to process things and they can’t do that in a busy environment. Also, this is good thing because this means that they feel relaxed and comfortable in your company, so most times, silence really is okay.


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3 They Are Good Observers

I know this may sound a little bit funny, but introverts are really good observers. They are often quiet and they notice a lot of details most people don’t pay attention to. The most important thing is that they don’t judge people while they do this, so you can totally trust them if you feel the need to tell them a secret.

4 They Have Fewer Friends

Introverts often prefer quality over quantity and that’s why they tend to have fewer friends, but their relationships are deeper. So, this means that they don’t go to parties to meet new people; they just go there to hang out with their friends and enjoy their company. Also, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have fun; they just feel more comfortable this way. A lot of introverts thrive in the online world, since online communication gives them more time to reflect on what they have to say.

5 They Are Good Listeners

Introverts are amazing listeners! So, next time you need someone to talk to, you’d better call that introvert friend of yours because they will really take the time to fully hear you without judging or patronizing you. Just remember that they need to be heard too, so be there for them when they need you, because they will surely appreciate it.

6 They Prefer People, Not Crowds

One of the most well-known myths about introverts is the fact that they hate people, but this statement couldn’t be more false. Most introverts find people fascinating and they prefer them individually or in small groups than in crowds. They really like and they even take the time to discover a person and that’s why, they don’t like small-talk because they hate the barrier it creates between people. Also, parties or any other type of social gathering drains them of all their energy, so please understand if they need to leave a little early. It doesn’t mean that they haven’t had a fun time; they just feel tired and need to recharge for the next day.

7 The “Grumpy Face” Isn’t a Bad Thing

I’m sure you are all familiar with that grumpy face one of your introvert friends has that makes you always wonder if they are upset. Well, most times, there’s actually nothing wrong with them. They are just good observers who like to sit in silence and just listen to what everyone else has to say. That doesn’t mean that they’re uncomfortable or upset, this is just the way they are.

Even though most introverts seem a bit more difficult to decipher, I must tell you that it’s actually not that hard to understand them. You just need to learn a few things about them and simply accept them for who they are without constantly trying to change them to better suit you. Are you an introvert or do you have any introvert friends? What other interesting facts about introverts do you know? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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