Definite Signs That Your Sibling is Your BFF ...

By Alicia

Definite Signs That Your Sibling is Your BFF ...

Is your sibling your BFF? These are the definite signs that it could be true for you. It’s fun to read and see how many are spot-on for you and your sibling. It could confirm what you’ve always known to be true: that you’ve been besties from the start!

Table of contents:

  1. you have so much fun together
  2. you share secrets
  3. they’re the first person you call with news
  4. you get each other
  5. they’re a big part of your everyday life
  6. you hang out whenever you can
  7. you’re always there for each other

1 You Have so Much Fun Together

Siblings can usually enjoy each other’s company but siblings who are BFFS take it to a whole new level. You have more fun with your sibling than with anyone else if you’re truly best friends. No one tops them when it comes to how much fun you have with another person. You love to get together just so you can laugh. You can have fun going out or just hanging out and doing nothing.

2 You Share Secrets

If your sibling is your BFF then they’re the person you go to with your secrets. You tell them things you don’t share with your other friends. Any siblings can be best friends but it’s often two sisters or two brothers. Siblings of the same sex often have more in common to bond over and share secrets about. However, that’s not always the case.

3 They’re the First Person You Call with News

If your sibling is the first person you call with news then that’s a sign they’re your BFF. You want to share important news with them before anyone else, whether good or bad. You know you can count on them to celebrate good news with you and comfort you when it’s bad news. They’re a built in best friend you can always turn to for this. And they always call you first with their news.

4 You Get Each Other

There’s a family connection that helps siblings get each other but if you’re BFFs, then it’s an even deeper level than that. You get each other in a way you don’t with other siblings or anyone else for that matter. You know how each other thinks. You may even talk about the fact that you can practically read each other’s minds. It’s something others notice about you, too.

5 They’re a Big Part of Your Everyday Life

If your sibling is your BFF then they’re part of your everyday life. You don’t go days or weeks without hearing from them. If they live a long distance away then you call, text or email to keep in touch. You can’t imagine not hearing from them daily or at least every few days. It’s just the way you are because of your close relationship.

6 You Hang out Whenever You Can

Another sign your sibling is your BFF is that they’re your choice person to hang out with. You may have other friends but your sibling always takes priority. They’re the one you want to go to the movies with, shop with or just veg out with. It’s something others notice and comment on. It’s obvious to others that you have a friendship in addition to a family connection.

7 You’re Always There for Each Other

Many siblings are there for each other in hard times but with you it’s different. You go above and beyond to be there for each other. It’s not a one sided thing. You both feel this way and it shows. You’d never let each other down.

These are 7 definite signs that your sibling is your BFF. Are any of them true for you? You’re welcome to share!

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