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7 Chic Ways to Add Stripes to Your Home ...

By Kati

How would you add stripes to your home? Would you paint the walls? Buy new furniture? Stripes are set to be one of the biggest interior design trends of 2014, and Spring and Summer collections are bursting full of stripes in every design and colorway. I’ve been searching out some of the most popular and stylish ways to add stripes to your home, so you can pick your favorite…

Table of contents:

  1. Grab cute chairs
  2. Add some accents
  3. Statement walls
  4. Go all over
  5. Get fluffy
  6. Soft touch
  7. Get drapes

1 Grab Cute Chairs

Want a quick and easy way to add stripes to your home? Look for some vintage-style furniture, such as these striped chairs, which will fit into any room but firmly put stripes into the spotlight. The thick cushions, innovative silhouette and padded backs make them super comfortable, too.

2 Add Some Accents

Want a more temporary way to add stripes? Utilise accents. Balloons are always eye-catching, and a huddle of striped balloons is sure to make your home feel on trend. You don’t need to stick to monochrome, either – search out your nearest balloon shop and ask about personalized balloons. Most will be able to offer your name or a private message across the balloons, along with colors of your choice.

3 Statement Walls

I love a good statement wall, and stripes are one of the boldest ways to get the look. Opt for a really strong print, such as this bold stripe pattern with thick individual stripes. Keeping the print on just one wall will increase its visual impact, as well as prevent it from distorting the room, and it gives you much more creative freedom when it comes to the other three walls, too!

4 Go All over

Not keen on a statement wall? Choose a milder print, and opt for continuous horizontal stripes all around the room. I love how stylish this seems in this classic black and white stripe, but you could try a softer grey and yellow as well. Play around with your paints until you find one that you totally love, and don’t forget to measure to make sure your stripes all match up!

5 Get Fluffy

Striped carpets or rugs are a great way of adding stripes to your home during the colder months, as they cover up colder floors as well as adding a touch of color. There are plenty of striped rugs already on the market, or make like a DIY-pro and cut slices of gorgeous colors out of existing rugs to create your own one-of-a-kind rug.

6 Soft Touch

Want an instant update? Search out some striped pillows. Just about every home shop has striped pillows in one colorway or another at the moment, so you’ll have no trouble finding some! To really rock the look, either collect a loosely-themed but all-different variety of cushions to decorate the sofas with, or invest in two or three each of a few patterns for an ultra-coordinated look.

7 Get Drapes

My final top way to add stripes to your home? Use fabrics! Whether it’s throwing a gorgeous piece of fabric over as a table runner or turning some beautiful drapes into stylish striped curtains, collect up striped fabrics that you adore, and turn them into gorgeous new homeware. Striped duvet sets are all the rage at the moment, and homemade ones will be totally unique to you!

Will you be using any of these methods to add stripes to your home? I’ve had great fun seeing how interior designers and home owners are using stripes at the moment, and I can’t wait for everyone to start sharing more images. If you add stripes to your home, don’t forget to share your pictures!

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