7 Ways to Keep Your Stainless Steel Pots Clean ...


I'm here to tell you how to keep your stainless pots clean, because I just got a brand new set of gorgeous stainless steel cookware with shiny copper bottoms, and I am obsessed. I didn't use them for a week after getting them because I was scared to death to get them mucked up, blackened, or stained. I was worried for good reason, too, because that happened the first time I used my new skillet! If you frequently cook with stainless steel and worry about marring your pretty pots, stop – I've got everything you need to know about how to keep your stainless pots clean, too!

1. No High Heat

With stainless steel, you don't need high heat. This is also true for stainless steel cookware with copper bottoms or copper cookware. Trust me, I learned the hard way. The point is, these pots and pans are hardcore. When they get hot, they get really hot, and they heat evenly. If you try to cook your food with the burner turned up to 8, you run the risk of scorching your pots inside or on the bottoms, plus you'll end up with stains from the food. Learning how to keep your stainless pots clean first involves sticking to steady heat, so keep it somewhere between 3 and 5.

Cool It down