7 Most Awkward Dining out Situations ...

My personal list of most awkward dinning out situations runs pretty long and I’m sure each and every one of us has at least one of those horror stories to bring to the table.

The solution or, at least, a politically, socially and emotionally correct way to deal with the situation in question often requires a whole set of negotiating skills and sometimes even a whole “battle plan” so before you freak out and decide that some people and even potentially great restaurants need to be erased from your life, do check out these 7 most awkward dining out situations I’ve found myself in:

1. Screaming Children

Is it so wrong to expect just a little bit of peace and quiet?

Well… YES!

But, don’t get me wrong, even some of my friends tend to bring their “very active” children literally everywhere and saying that I’m far from pleased would certainly be an understatement.

I actually feel sorry for the little ones because they don’t feel any more comfortable then I do, they just have a bad way of showing it.

Not much can be done here because blaming the kid would make you the bad #guy (girl) so just suck it up and the next time you want to have a dinner that doesn’t end with migraines or food stains all over your brand new outfit, pick the most child-unfriendly place you can and hope your friends will get the hint.