7 Important Things That You Only Learn in the Real World ...


I can't underestimate the value and privilege of an education, however there are some things that you only learn in the real world that I so wished I learned in high school and even college!

If you're currently in school, this vital list of life skills will help you have a mental checklist of what to brush up on before entering the world on your own.

Here are 7 important things that you only learn in the real world that I hope you find useful as well as interesting!

1. Managing the Budget and Finances

Oh man, this is one of the biggest and most important things that you only learn in the real world- money management.

Paying bills, managing your bank account, filling out tax returns, insurance details, buying a house, and managing a budget are all crucial skills that aren't taught in high school but are super critical once you live on your own.

As a parent, I want to make sure my children have a basic understanding of what it means to manage money and run a household before they are thrown into it!

2. Changing a Flat Tire and Car Oil

I wish I knew how to change a flat tire.2

I keep thinking I'll learn in case I'm actually stuck somewhere with a flat and have to call for assistance, but I never get around to it.

Same thing goes for changing your own oil.

Many mechanics will try and rip you off and suggest things that you "need" to get done to your car.

In reality, most suggestions aren't critical and they're just preying on ignorant customers (usually women).2

It helps to have some practical skills like changing a flat tire and the oil in your car.

3. Taking Critique and Criticism Well

Unlike high school and even college, the real world comes with some harsh realities, such as an awful employer.

Many times they could care less about hurting your "self-esteem" that's highly emphasized in your education and are simply focused on productivity and achievement.

Learn how to deal with criticism and critique from a superior and you'll go far.

Also know when you're being verbally abused and stand your ground.

Both are equally important!

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