8 Great Apps for Your Android Phone ...


Great apps for Android that are about to follow are by no means flawless or officially named best, just some apps I love using and find good enough to suggest! I’ll do my best to list all the pros and cons I can think of, explain each app and the reason why it is the best Android app for me and, hopefully, provide all info you guys will need to decide on whether to use it or not. So let’s start, shall we? If you’re looking for great apps for Android phones to download and enjoy next, do consider these following eight.

1. Aldiko Book Reader

One of those truly great apps for Android, Aldiko reader is a definite must for every fan of the written word! It’s totally free and pretty much the only thing you’ll need in order to start reading immediately! Visit the store and take your pick amongst tons of free classics or purchase something specific in a heartbeat by choosing a paid-for section and the genre you love the most. Oh and let’s not forget the coolest part – shelf view! Just click to open this handy app and voila – you’ve just entered your personal library with all of your favorite titles neatly arranged on wooden shelves.

Pros: A textbook example of a user-friendly app! Background is very comfy, everything is totally customizable, switching between day/night mode is super-easy and many more! This app doesn’t only look great – it works great as well, providing a fantastic user experience you’re not likely to get with most other readers.

Cons: Newest update allows you to import books and that’s great but doesn’t always work as well as it sounds. Oh, and background… is there a reason for which we’re not allowed to change it? I love it the way it is and this really is nothing but me trying to be super nitpicky but still – I just can’t find the option in question and I know some people (namely, my brother) love to change and customize everything!

Cool Reader
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