7 Apps for Runners ...


It’s hard to imagine a good run without my iPhone and with these apps for runners, you can now use your smartphone to up your game too.

Whether you’ve never ran a day in your life or you’re trying to run a 5K, there is an app for that!

Check out these 7 apps for runners to find one to fit your needs.

Download it and get moving!

1. Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K

Even if you’ve never ran a day in your life, this is one of the best apps for runners and for you.

This is a perfect app if you’re just starting out to run and want to progress to running long distance.

I personally like it and have no goal of running a 5K anytime soon.

This app is designed to give you encouragement in more ways than one.

For starters, you are assigned a personal trainer;

you get voice cues throughout your run to help you keep going, pointers on running, and a specific training plan.

It also integrates your playlist into the app so you don’t have to go without your favorite tunes.

Cost is $1.99

2. ISmoothRun


If you’re a serious runner, this app can be your best friend.

With built-in GPS, everything is accommodative to your run, including traffic light information, weather warnings, alternate and alternate routes.

You receive voice cues from a trainer, a specific workout, and there is also a pedometer built in.

Cost is $4.99

3. MapMyRun +GPS

Perhaps one of the most popular apps for runners is MapMyRun.2

This one has been around for quite some time, but with constant updates to the app, the features are better than ever.

Featuring a built-in GPS, pedometer and heart rate monitor, MapMyRun can help you find inspiration through logging your runs into the MapMyRun website which helps you share your success and running goals with others.2

Meal plans, food diaries and more are also offered on the MapMyRun website.

This is a great way to connect to your social networks and even find people in your area with similar running interests.

Cost is $2.99 for the GPS version and the original is free.

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