20 Ways for Environmentally Friendly Eating ...


Environmentally friendly eating is becoming more and more popular than we think. Eco friendly menus are starting to become the norm rather than the exception in restaurants, and green foods are filling up our supermarkets, and for good reason - because more of us are understanding the benefits of environmentally friendly eating. So whether you are concerned about the quality of your food, the impact on the planet or simply interested, here are 20 Ways for Environmentally Friendly Eating.

1. Seasonal Menus

Eating seasonal food items eliminate unnecessary stress on the environment and make sure that you are getting the freshest ingredients straight from the farm. Because of modern technology we are able to get strawberries and avocados all year round, but they are genetically modified or forced to grow out of season to meet the demands of the masses. It’s much better to wait for Mother Nature to do her job and eat what is available at the time.

Local Produce
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