10 Powerful Ways to Overcome Shyness for Girls Who Struggle ...


10 Powerful Ways to Overcome Shyness for Girls Who Struggle ...
10 Powerful Ways to Overcome Shyness for Girls Who Struggle ...

Being a naturally shy person can be kind of hard to go about social situations as well as making new friends, so here's a few tips on how you can instantly overcome your shyness!

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Put Yourself out There Regularly

person, black and white, profession, team, A lot of the time shy girls tend to avoid 'putting themselves out there' because it's not something they're comfortable with and hence means stepping outside of their comfort zone. But when you put yourself out there, you're letting everyone around you truly get to know who you are and this should make you feel heaps more confident and better overall!


Engage in Social Situations

singing, You don't have to naturally be a social butterfly to have fun in social situations! Next time you're at a party, meeting new people or simply surrounded by a group of people (who you may or may not know), make sure you make an effort to engage with those around you and you'll soon have more fun than watching it all pass you by!


Don't Be Afraid of Judgement

person, emotion, MINUWE, Many girls who struggle with shyness are afraid that if they be themselves completely and let others see this, they will be judged and/or not liked. But remember that not every 'judgement' you receive will be a negative one, many people will have a great first impression of you if you show that you're being your genuine, true and authentic self!


Allow Others to See Your Beauty

singing, singer, Every single girl is super beautiful and unique, it's just that shy girls often miss out on opportunities to showcase this because they're...well...shy! You're such an amazing person and you deserve for every single person around you to know that too! All you have to do is be yourself an allow others to warm to you and see how beautiful you are!


Get Yourself out and about

person, film, Shy girls may tend to avoid getting out and about when possible because of the simple fact that they will be around other people, which may not make them feel comfortable. But if you continue to avoid this, you're missing out on so many great opportunities to meet new people, make potential friends, have fun and gain confidence that you could totally benefit from!


Use Current Friends to Branch out

person, hair, facial expression, emotion, glasses, It doesn't always come easy for shy girls to make new friends, so one great tip is to use your current friends to meet and engage with some of their friends! It's an easy but great way to branch out, and the fact that you both have a mutual friend means you have something in common and can use this to start the conversation! It's much easier than trying to talk to someone who you don't know anything about and nothing in common with!


Fake It 'til You Make It

person, blond, singing, singer, emotion, Believe it or not we're not all extroverts at heart! So many of us are shy, keep to ourselves and are naturally more on the introverted side. So, if you wish to be more of an extrovert but are finding it hard to go about this, fake it 'til you make it, girl! This totally words as no one will know you're faking it, plus it's kind of fun to pretend that we're naturally really sociable (even if we're not...shhh!).


Try New Things

person, mouth, official, profession, A great way to overcome your shyness is by trying new things. Even if they scare you, even if they give you anxiety thinking about them, you need to do it. Not only will you potentially discover something new you love, you'll also meet a new kind of people that you may end up relating to. Overcoming your fear will help you build confidence in social situations which will help combat shyness.


Talk by Yourself

screenshot, fictional character, No, I don't mean stand in line at the store having a conversation with yourself, but practice giving speeches in front of the mirror, practice jokes on the people you feel comfortable with, just let your voice be open and heard. If you spend all your time preoccupied pre-running convos in your head, you'll miss out on what could be some seriously great conversations with new people.


Have Confident Body Language

person, supervillain, joker, fictional character, While you may be shy when it comes to speaking, having confident and strong body language will rub off on your mental wellbeing. This will allow you to exude confidence and you will probably eventually start believing you're confident. Confidence overcomes shyness so it will work to your advantage.

What tips have you used to battle shyness? Are you still working on it? Let us know in the comments!

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This really helped me

The in picture is so pretty! What is her name??

Think about the other person and dobt focus on yourself. Realuze everyone is basically the same on the inside. we are all just humans doing our best.

Pretending that i'm sociable is what I'm doing when attending an occasion so that I'll get rid of my shyness.


Easier said than done

It helps to think that other ppl there are feeling more shy than you are!

@Sonia yup, you push yourself, no one will know you are shy so try to blend in and look around to see how everyone behaves. It is hard but it does work.

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