Insanely Creative First Page Ideas for Girls Who Are Starting a Journal ...


Insanely Creative First Page Ideas for Girls Who Are Starting a Journal ...
Insanely Creative First Page Ideas for Girls Who Are Starting a Journal ...

Journaling is super therapeutic and healthy, but keeping it up can be hard. That's why it's so important to come up with a creative first page! It's all too easy to put down your journal and stop writing in it after a while. However, if the first thing you see every time you open your journal is an eye-catching, inspiring image, quote, idea, or passage, you'll be much more likely to pick it up and continue writing! It also makes your journal that much more uniquely yours, which is absolutely a must! So, with that in mind, here are some inspiring, insanely creative ideas for the first page of your journal!

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A Photograph of Your Loved Ones

This is a truly meaningful thing to include anywhere in your journal, but especially on the first page – and it could be a photo of your family, your friends, a special someone, or even a beloved pet, anything that will keep you inspired!


Write a Meaningful Quote

An inspiring or poignant quote made up in your own head, something that truly means something to you, is another great way to open your journal!


In the article "Insanely Creative First Page Ideas for Girls Who Are Starting a Journal," published on a women-focused lifestyle blog, the author suggests using a meaningful quote as a way to open your journal. This quote, made up in your own head, can serve as a source of inspiration and reflection for your journaling journey. According to the author, incorporating a personal quote can add a unique touch to your journal and make it more meaningful to you. This idea aligns with the purpose of journaling, which is to express one's thoughts and emotions in a creative and personal way.


… or Complete a Questionnaire about Yourself

Actually, try doing this with every new journal you start – you'll have a written record of the changes you experience throughout the years!


A Cute Greeting to Welcome You to Your Journal is Adorbs

It's like writing a special message to yourself, too cute!


Store Some Useful Information

Common misspellings, a list of descriptive adjectives, your favorite grammar rules – whatever qualifies as useful for you!


Got a Crush? Stick a Picture in There

A photo of your crush is different from a photo of your loved ones – it's a secret.


Jot down Your Dreams

That is, jot down what you dream of doing, being, and becoming, where you dream of going – and it's your journal, all yours, so dream as big as you want!


Mission Statement? That's a Good Place for It

It could be the mission statement for your journal, especially if it's a themed journal or a writing journal, or it could be a mission statement for your life – or this particular phase of your life!


Leave It Blank

Who says you have to have anything at all? Maybe blank spaces inspire you!


Your Favorite Prayer, if You Are into That

Any tribute or expression of your spirituality, religion, belief system, or lack thereof will absolutely inspire you.


Write Some Goals for Yourself

Be as honest as you want to be here – again, it's your journal, there's no judgment or censorship!


Remember the Things You Are Grateful for

Counting your blessings is so beneficial – it can keep things in perspective, which is so often important when you have something to vent to your journal.


Any Contact Details You Want to Remember

It's nearly an antique idea, writing down contact information, but dare to be different!


Your Secret #relationshipgoals

Cannot stress enough that this is your journal and you can be as open as you want to be – it's for your eyes only!


… or Your Secret #lifegoals You Haven't Shared

Sometimes, you just can't share them with anyone but yourself.


Your Social Media Account Information

This is super useful, especially if you can't keep all your addresses, usernames, profiles, and passwords straight.


All the Wishes in the World

Every wish you've ever wished – why not keep a running list?

Have you ever thought about decorating the first page of your journal? Share your own ideas in the comments!

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