8 Gorgeous DIY Wine Bottle Lighting Ideas ...


DIY Wine Bottle Lighting Ideas are all green projects.

We have already told you what you can do with wine corks.

This time, we'll go into crafting adventures using wine bottles.

There are many ways to use wine bottles for crafty projects;

the ones we have here are wine bottle lighting tutorials and inspirations.2

They'll be great for that outdoor party, small wedding, or intimate dinner you're planning.

1. Fairy Party

Fairy Party

Isn't this gorgeous?

It looks like a mischievous group of fairies found your wine and proceeded to merry-making.

If you want to have a go at this DIY wine bottle lighting idea, check out the tutorial below.

This one is incredibly easy to make and will require only a few materials.2

2. Torch Terrific

Torch Terrific

Imagine a low-key gathering with your favorite people.2

You're in your beautiful backyard and these wine bottle torches illuminate the whole place.2

Magical, yes?

Make yours now if you're looking to add ambiance to your outdoor entertaining area.

3. Tipsy Tealights

Aren't these pretty?

If you use bottles that are dark enough, you will have an incredibly romantic DIY wine bottle lighting project.2

Head on over to the tutorial so that you will know how to cut the bottoms of the bottles.2

You will also want to read up on the tips on how to have proper air circulation for these luminaries.

4. Faux-terry Barn Beauty

Faux-terry Barn Beauty

What good is a DIY wine bottle lighting idea if you can't save money while doing it?

Yep, not good at all.

So go ahead and make plans for this wine bottle chandelier.

You will be rewarded with an incredibly awesome light fixture.

It will cast off pretty shadows in your room!

5. An Upside down View

An Upside down View

Doesn't this look lovely?

You can also make a version without the flowers.2

This DIY wine bottle chandelier will definitely look great in your garden.

I reckon you can make this and the torches above for an all-around delightful yard.

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