10 Clever Ways to Repurpose Toilet Paper Tubes ...


Ways to Repurpose Toilet Paper Tubes are projects that will let you have fun with recycling.

The great thing about these ways to upcycle toilet paper tubes is that they are very affordable projects.

In fact, you probably already have all the supplies needed for doing most of these fun DIY toilet paper tube crafts.

Let's get recyclin' and craftin'!

1. Tree Animals

Tree Animals

Pinch the top part of a toilet paper tube, color, and draw fun animal faces.2

You can then use these colorful and cute animals to decorate your Christmas tree.

Yes, the holidays are still months away, but tackling this particular toilet paper tube repurpose idea could also be a fun afternoon activity for you and your kids.

2. Wall Art

Wall Art

There are many versions of this TP wall art that you can check out online.

In fact, this way to repurpose toilet paper tubes is the very reason why I've been saving our TP tubes.

I cannot wait to collect a good number so that I can make this floral wall decor.

3. Wreath


The steps for making this TP wreath are basically similar to those for making the wall art but I thought I should still include it in this list.

I just wanted to point out the many fun ways that you can create with sliced toilet paper tubes.

4. Candy Cane Wrap

Candy Cane Wrap

This is another way to repurpose toilet paper tubes that will be perfect come Christmas time.

This is also perfect for those who happen to have lots of fabrics in striped red and white.

5. Organizer


This is just a pretty version of that clever way to organize cords using TP tubes.

To those who don't know what method I'm talking about, please refer to this Lifehacker post. Aside from helping you manage cords, you can also assemble these covered TP tubes upright and use them to store art supplies.

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