30 Awesome Things to do before You Turn 30...

I turned 29 last month and couldn't believe that 30 is just around the corner.

When you are younger you dream of all the things you'll do before you turn 30 and when you finally do turn 30 or just before it you realize you still have so many things to cross off that to-do list.

I'm hoping to inspire myself and you as well with these 30 Awesome Things to Do Before You Turn 30 so that next year we can compare our dream to-do list with what actually happened...

1. Travel to Paris before You Turn 30...

It's the romance capital of the world, a fashionista's dream location to shop, full of history and world famous monuments, and cuisine that many chefs would love to learn the recipes for.

You hear about couples sipping coffee or eating macarons together and you dream about getting engaged by the Eiffel Tower.

When Carrie on Sex and the City went to Paris you were jealous but happy for her like she was your best friend.

It's on the top of your things to do before you turn 30 list and it's one of the dreams you hope to accomplish, but even if you don't make it there by 30 you know that some day you will.