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30 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List ...

By Nichole

Need some ideas for a summer bucket list? It is almost that time of year! Before we know it, summer will be here. There are always so many fun adventures to be had during the warmer months of the year. Road trips to the beach, picnics in the park, or just hanging out by the pool; which ever you choose, they all sound like plans for a great time. If you’re anything like me, around this time every year you start making a list: a bucket list full of summer fun. If you’ve never done this, you should really consider it.

Making a summer bucket list is not only fun in itself, it can give you some awesome goals for what to do during the summer. Check out the list below to see some fabulous ideas for a summer bucket list.

1 Feed the Ducks

2 Go on a Hike

3 Make a Bonfire

4 Make Homemade Pizza

5 Host a Barbecue

6 Go Stargazing

7 Make Smores

8 Have a Home Spa Day

9 Go to a Music Fest or a Free Concert

10 Watch Fireworks

11 Go on a Road Trip

12 Make Homemade Ice Cream

13 Go to a Theme Park

14 Go Bowling

15 Bake Cookies

16 Try out a New Hobby

17 Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter

18 Go Strawberry Picking

19 Host a Movie Marathon

20 Make Boozy Popsicles

21 Bury a Time Capsule

22 Go on a Double Date

23 Do Something That Scares You

24 Catch Fireflies


25 Go to a State Fair

26 Take Pictures in a Photo Booth

27 Give Blood

28 Rock Some Temporary Tattoos (or Get an Actual Tattoo)

29 Take a Pole Dancing Class

30 Play Laser Tag

31 Visit a Science Center

32 Take a Self-defense Class

33 Go Geocaching

34 Try out an Escape Room

35 Visit an Aquarium or Zoo

36 Go to Garage Sales

37 Plant Something

38 Go to a Parade

39 Watch a Sunrise and a Sunset

40 Lay in the Grass and Watch Clouds

41 Pick Wildflowers

42 Find a Waterfall

43 Visit a Local Tourist Attraction

44 Go through Your Clothes and Donate What You Don’t Wear Anymore

45 Go to Karaoke Night at a Bar

What fun adventures do you plan on taking part in during the summer months? Let us know!

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